Study in Australia: See How Trailblazer Universities Program is Helping Students and HEIs

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Study in Australia: See How Trailblazer Universities Program is Helping Students and HEIs

Australia recently talked about its Trailblazers University Program during the G20 2023 discussions on Education. With an investment of $370.3 million from different industries and university partners, the program will revitalise innovation in Australia’s education system by 2026. 


Besides, the government has planned this four-year program with six universities to transform them into leaders in Research Commercialisation across various sectors. The program is already operational and will be functional between 2022 to 2023 and from 2025 to 2026 to bring out this innovation. 

Study in Australia: See How Trailblazer Universities Program is Helping Students and HEIs

How Will the Program Help Students and Universities? 

The areas chiefly prioritised are defence, space, food and beverage, recycling & clean energy, resources technology and critical minerals technology. Therefore, the students studying in these fields at the selected universities in Australia will become more competitive by the end of the program. 

During this period, these six selected universities are providing an ecosystem of innovation to the students. This in turn is equally helpful in the capitalisation of university research by building leading sectors in priority areas benefiting industries, universities and students. 

Moreover, industry engagement will also provide job-ready skills by improving educational qualifications and pathways for the students throughout this period. Furthermore, experts in the field will provide vocational and educational training to assist in achieving this.

The participating universities have received funding of about $50 million. Also, their partnership with Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) for specialist equipment and expertise in the fields has improved practical learning at the universities. 

Study in Australia: See How Trailblazer Universities Program is Helping Students and HEIs

Trailblazer Universities

These universities were selected through a competitive approach involving a two-stage application process. Below, we mention the universities with their dedicated areas of focus: 

Curtin University

Curtin University has been selected for innovation in the field of Resources Technology for Critical Minerals Trailblaze. It has partnered with over 30 company partners as well as the University of Queensland and James Cook University to work on the mineral industry in Australia. 

Deakin University 

Deakin University will lead innovation in Recycling and Clean Energy Commercialisation Hub (REACH). It aims to build a recycling and clean energy advanced manufacturing ecosystem within these years. The university will do so in partnership with the University of Southern Queensland and Federation University

University of Adelaide

Defence Trailblazer for Concept to Sovereign Capability is the innovation target assigned to the University of Adelaide. It will build new defence industry technology with 30 different businesses and the University of New South Wales.

University of Queensland

This top-notch Australian institution will lead innovation in Food and Beverage Accelerator (FaBA) project. With help from the University of Southern Queensland and the Queensland University of Technology, the university will double the food and beverage manufacturing sector by 2030. 

University of New South Wales 

The University of New South Wales is given trailblazer for Recycling and Clean Energy (TRaCE). It will partner with the University of Newcastle and the University of New South Wales for the project deliveries. 

University of Southern Queensland

Innovative Launch, Automation, Novel Materials, Communications, and Hypersonics Hub (iLAuNCH) will be led by the University of Southern Queensland. The university will collaborate with the Australian National University and the University of South Australia to meet the deliverables. 

For the upcoming years, students can look forward to applying at the following universities to be a part of cutting-edge research projects to include in their CVs. If you want to read more such exciting information, make sure you follow Leverage Edu News Updates

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