Study in Australia: 13 University of Sydney Projects Selected for PERIscope Commercialisation Award

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Study in Australia: 13 University of Sydney Projects Selected for PERIscope Commercialisation Award

Aimed at fast-tracking new ventures and licensing opportunities the inaugural PERIscope commercialisation award has recently awarded 13 projects from the University of Sydney. All these projects are designed and being pursued by researchers at the University of Sydney, one of Australia’s best universities.


The Sydney Knowledge Hub is managing this initiative. Moreover, this scheme is being led by the Office of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research Enterprise). PERIscope is expected to put research on a fast-track route. 

Most of the 13 selected projects by the University of Sydney are led by senior researchers. These inventions have been worked on for years and their marketability and usage have been considered before awarding the grant. 

The PERIscope Commercialisation Award

The PERIscope Commercialisation Scheme is being planned for 2 years. Moreover, its hardly-earned funding is set to give the researchers the right training, adequate time and industry connections to study the marketability of the invention. 

Researchers will also figure out the right markets for their inventions. Only the inaugural round has been conducted for now, and the successful teams will move to the Sydney Knowledge Hub for 14 weeks after the final selection. 

The final decision will be made by February 2024. Subsequently, each winning project will also receive a grant of $61,500 per project. A four-day boot camp will be organised for the selection. The training in the boot camp is focussed on commercialisation skills, entrepreneurial skills, discovering product markets and more. 

This is a major opportunity for lead researchers as well as students in the field of research to be featured on a global stage. The initiative will also teach young research students to incorporate the marketing aspect in their inventions while thinking about their usability to the masses. 

The University of Sydney has been leading many research projects that get highlighted every now and then. Moreover, the university is one of the most preferred for research studies and innovation. This was all about the update for today. If you want to read more such exciting information, make sure you follow Leverage Edu News Updates. 

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