Study Abroad: US Student Visa Issuances Reach New Heights Surpassing Pre-COVID Levels

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According to US State Department, the USA issued a higher number of F1 Study visas from Asia with a rise of +30,978 applications in 2022. Despite an increase in F-1 application rejection rates due to covid, the acceptance of F1 Visas improved. The overall growth of F1 visa applicants contributed from India and other countries from Europe, America and Africa.

Source: US State Department

Just over two-thirds of those visas, as shown in the above table, were granted to students from Asia. The continent continues to lead global growth in foreign enrollment in US universities.

F-1 student visas issued in 2022 set a record and its shows a rise after the pandemic as per US State Department. 

In all, 411,131 F-1 visas were granted by the US in FY2022. This reflects an increase of around 13% above the amount for FY2019 and a gain of almost 15% year over year from FY2021.

The State Department reports that as of 1 August in fiscal year FY2023, which runs from 1 October to 30 September, more than 393,000 F-1 visas had been issued. The US has almost surpassed the total F-1 volume from the prior year for the first 10 months of the current fiscal year.

Contribution to F1 Study Visas from Several Countries

According to the Institute of International Education’s (IIE) Open Doors study, a closer look at recent-year patterns for the top ten sending markets for the US is given in the extra table below.  

Source: US State Department

India is the main driver of global development. Also Asia’s largest market (115,115 visas issued in FY2022; +43% year over year). Additionally, Bangladesh (7,754 visas, +86%), Japan (11,460 visas, +80%), Nepal (6,175 visas, +92%), and Vietnam (12,330 visas, +84%) are other significant gainers among Asian markets. 

These advances from other regional markets assisted in offsetting a significant drop in the number of visas granted to Chinese students. The overall volumes fell precipitously from 90,310 in 2021 to 61,894 last year (-31%).

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