Study in US: Fulbright US Scholars Programs Awarded to 4 Researchers

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Study in US: Fulbright US Scholars Programs Awarded to 4 Researchers
This scholarships lets people from all over the world to interact with people from the US. The next deadline to for this scholarship is the end of August 2023.

The US Department of State and the Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board hosted an award ceremony. Four UT staff and faculty members were part of it, from the Fulbright US Scholars Program. 


The four selected people include postdoctoral fellow Julia York, professors Tia Madkins, Jannah Williams and South Asian studies librarian Mary Rader. Each one of them received rewards for working on their respective projects and research internationally. 

What Is The Fulbright US Scholars Program?

The Fulbright US Scholars Program comes with several opportunities to meet the changing needs of a diverse academic community in the US. People from all over the world get to interact with people from the US.

Every year, this program aims to send approximately 800 American scholars and professionals to almost 130 countries. These scholars are responsible for giving lectures/conduct research on a wide variety of topics.

In order to be eligible for this program, one should have completed a four-year undergraduate degree from a recognised Indian university. If the bachelor’s degree is less than four years, then then the applicant must have completed a master’s degree. 

Fulbright Scholarship Application Process

Study in US: Fulbright Scholars Programs Awards 4 Researchers; Know Why!

Before, mentioning the steps, the next deadline to apply for this scholarship is the end of August 2023, as per the official website.

To apply for the Fulbright scholarship program, the candidate can do so by going online and filling out the application form. This can be done by accessing the official USIEF website. Here are some of the steps which can be followed to fill out the application.

  • Click on the relevant applicant link based on the choice of fellowship.
  • The applicant will then see two options: existing and new users. Click on ‘Create an Account’ to continue.
  • For the registration process, fill in details like First name, Last name, email address and date of birth.
  • Upon doing this, click on ‘continue’, the applicant will then receive a PIN code on their registered email address.
  • Next, choose a relevant password which will match all the website guidelines.
  • One will then see that the screen will show no new applications. To move ahead, click on ‘Start new application’. 
  • Once the session year is verified, click on ‘create application’.
  • A new application will come on the screen, and several new guidelines will be listed. After reading them all, click on the checkbox next to ‘Yes’ and then ‘Continue’.
  • Go through all the preliminary questions and employment eligibility.
  • Verify that you have read all the data privacy and reference materials waivers.
  • Now, fill in all the personal and biographical information to move ahead with the application. 
  • Lastly, cover all application form pages, check for any mistakes finally click on ‘Save’.

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