Study Abroad: Class III Students From Govt. Schools in AP Will Now Receive TOEFL Training

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Study Abroad: Class III Students From Govt. Schools in AP Will Now Receive TOEFL Training

Government school students should stand an equal chance in the competition to study abroad when it comes to competitivity. The Andhra Pradesh government announced that TOEFL Training will now be provided in Government schools in Andhra Pradesh. 


The government is introducing English medium classes for students to make them efficiently compete with students at an international level. TOEFL score is accepted at many universities therefore, training students from an early age will reduce the need for coaching.

At an early age, students will get familiar with the language and also be confident when it’s time to enter the global competition. To ensure this the Government of Andhra Pradesh has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with ETS TOEFL.  

What Will Happen Under This Program?

This is going to be a five-year initiative under which ETS. It will also will evaluate and certify students from Class 3 to Class 10 on their English proficiency skills. The state-run schools have introduced TOEFL Young Students Series assessments for the same. 

There will be various types of evaluation tests for the same, like the TOEFL Primary and TOEFL Junior Standard Tests which will evaluate the student’s reading and listening skills in English. Also, to evaluate students on Speaking skills there will be a TOEFL Junior Speaking Test. 

The former is for students from classes 3 to 5 and 6 to 9, while the latter is designated for class 10. Moreover, in order to issue the certificates the students will undergo ‘Readiness Tests’ that will determine their overall performance and capability. 

This MoU signed between the State Project Director of Samagra Shiksha, B. Srinivasa Rao and Lejo Sam Oommen from ETS will transform the face of education for underprivileged children in Andhra Pradesh. If you want to read more such exciting information, make sure you follow Leverage Edu News Updates. 

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