Study Abroad in Australia: Record Numbers of International Students Returning at South Australian Public Schools

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international students
International Students are back in record at South Australian Public Schools Post Covid Booming Effect of Overseas students returning.

More than 690 new international students will be welcomed at South Australian Public schools into more than 60 urban and regional public schools throughout the state. Students are beginning to arrive in mid-January.  The students are from 34 different countries, with Japan, Vietnam, China, Korea, India, and Germany having the highest representation this year. 

With the others arriving later in the year and staying for varied lengths ranging from a few terms to many years, more than 40% of the students were here for Term 1. The previous greatest intake occurred in Term 3 of 2019 when South Australian public schools welcomed more than 570 overseas pupils. 

international students

The international students learn about South Australian culture while they advance their academic abilities. An unprecedented level of interest in South Australian schools diversifies their classrooms and offers children the ability to form cross-cultural connections.  A record number of students are travelling to South Australia, which is a testament to the state’s public schools’ high standards and good reputation abroad. 

A significant outpouring of support has come from the homestay community. The homestay programme is eagerly setting up their spare bedroom. Also, they are organising distinctly South Australian events for their student, and encourage them to enrol in Australian institutions. It is a fantastic and mutually satisfying experience to host a foreign student. Lifelong friendships and close ties are created. Australian schools mentioned they would urge more families to participate in the initiative.

Opportunities for International Students Returning to Australian Public Schools

The homestay programme at Banksia Park International High School is highly regarded. This year, the school is home to 1039 pupils, including visitors from Vietnam, China, Korea, and Japan.  The school hosts an international student ambassadors group of local students who seek out opportunities to engage with other cultures and foster global understanding. The programme has three staff members for in-class support and tutoring.

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It’s a beautiful programme that not only helps the local students by exposing them to new cultures but also the students who come to study here by creating relationships and experiences they will remember for the rest of their lives.

This school takes great satisfaction in fostering the development of ethical global citizens in its 24 international students from a variety of nations. Their intercultural understanding and practical application of curriculum and learning are strengthened by the participation of our international students in classes and extracurricular activities. As a result, their local students benefit from this programme just as much as our international cohort.

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