Study Abroad: TOEFL Personalised Test Based on Individual Requirements Will be Out Soon Announces ETS 

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Study Abroad: TOEFL Personalised Test Based on Individual Requirements Will be Out Soon Announces ETS

Educational Testing Service popularly known as ETS has recently declared that it will be launching a personalised TOEFL test for individuals. This test will be based on the individual backgrounds and requirements of the test takers. 

This announcement was made by Rohit Sharma, global senior vice-president of Higher Education and Work Skills, ETS. The organisation will achieve personalisation with the help of increased use of Artificial Intelligence. 

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is an English Language Proficiency test accepted by around 12,000 institutions across 160 countries. The test will take around 24 to 36 months to roll out but it is going to transform the way tests are conducted today.

How Does the TOEFL Personalised Test Work?

As mentioned earlier, the TOEFL personalised test will work based on the personal background and requirements of the test taker. For this, ETS will also change the TOEFL form. It will include questions about your background and career plans.

They will also ask for your field of studies and craft the test based on your educational requirements including more academic questions. Moreover, if you specify your course requirements the test will also include higher-level skills required for that particular role. 

Regional personalisation will help in setting the test requirements as per common demographic traits. There are regions with persistent performance problems in either of the four skills. Therefore, ETS will analyze these regions, considering such traits.

What are the Benefits of a Personalised TOEFL Test?

Here are some potential benefits of the TOEFL test according to some renowned professors abroad. 

  • According to the University of Alberta professor, Okan Bulut. This step will address societal issues by providing an equitable and inclusive learning environment.
  • Howard University professor Kyndra V. Middleton believes that personalisation has the potential to benefit every student while also maintaining equitable access. 

Many more professors and scholars have shared positive views about the test that is still in its development phase. Once the test is out, only then will we be able to analyse the actual potential of the test based on user experience and how impacts the scores and performances. 

Moreover, ETS has utilised the potential of AI to its best. This is a good addition to how AI is going to change education in the future. Till now, this is all we know about the ETS TOEFL Personalized Test. If you want to read more such exciting information, make sure you follow Leverage Edu News Updates. 

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