Study in Australia: Several Solutions Come Up for NT Student Accommodation Problem

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Students facing accommodation issues will soon get their issues fixed after Property Council has come up with several solutions come up.

The Property Council of the Northern Territory in Australia is urging people to any empty office spaces that are changing into ‘special purpose accommodation.’ Apart from this, relaxed parking regulations address a significant shortfall in student accommodation. 

One such university, Charles Darwin University (CDU) is in Australia. This university has estimated a shortfall of around 200 student accommodation rooms in the Top End. This is happening with the arrival of new students from all around the world.

Apart from this, a new CDU campus in Darwin City is going to open by 2024.

With the constant surge in student accommodation, the university’s vice-chancellor, Scott Bowman has decided to open territory households. This will allow the opening of the spare bedrooms to students for rent.

Study in Australia: Several Solutions Come Up for NT Student Accommodation Problem

He also wants people to give their empty flats to international students for accommodation. 

One of the Property Council NT chief executives Ruth Palmer has stated how the vice-chancellor’s students were struggling to find accommodation.

With this issue rising, there are several property developers who are keen on building affordable student accommodation. 

Many solutions have come forward by the Property Council to the government. One of them is to look at vacant buildings that students can use for accommodation.

Apart from this, another solution is where old office spaces are changing into residential tenements.

The solution to this Issue

One professor is stating how Charles Darwin University is full of international student applications. This is happening way too ahead of its opening. 

He also mentioned how more than 500 students are soon arriving for semester two. 

The vice chancellor is urging residents in Darwin to open spare bedrooms to international students. Moreover, this will help in easing the crunch. 

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