Study Abroad: Great News for Indian Medical Students! Pathway to Practice Medicine in the Philippines Opens

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Indian students with MD degrees can now register and practice medicine in the Philippines! This exciting new development comes after the House of Representatives approved an amendment to the Philippine Medical Act.


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Basic Requirements

Eligibility: If you’re an Indian student who has completed your Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree from a medical school recognized by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) in the Philippines, you can now register to practice medicine there.

Internship requirement: To qualify for registration, you’ll also need to complete a 12-month internship.

Smoother transition: The CHED will provide all the necessary certification to make the process easier for Indian graduates.

Study Abroad: Great news for Indian medical students! Pathway to practice medicine in the Philippines opens

Why is this a big deal?

Previously, only Philippine citizens could take the physician’s licensure exam. This new policy opens doors for international students, including those from India.

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Benefits for Indian students

Affordable medical education: The Philippines offers high-quality medical education at a much lower cost compared to Western countries. 

English medium of instruction: No need to worry about a language barrier! 

Globally recognized qualifications: The US-aligned curriculum allows for a smooth transition to international careers, with many residency programs recognizing Philippine MD degrees.

Practice medicine in India or Philippines: The new regulations align with the Indian Medical Commission’s requirements, so you can choose to practice in either country after graduation.

Study Abroad: Great news for Indian medical students! Pathway to practice medicine in the Philippines opens

The Philippines: A growing hub for medical education

The Philippines is becoming an increasingly popular destination for aspiring doctors worldwide.  There are 64 authorized medical schools in the country, offering a competitive and attractive option for international students.

Looking to pursue an MD in the Philippines?

This new policy presents a fantastic opportunity for Indian students seeking a high-quality and affordable medical education. With the chance to practice medicine in the Philippines or return to India, it’s a win-win situation!

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