Study Abroad: THE Awarded Ghanian University is Dealing With Enormous Challenges With Education

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Study Abroad: THE Awarded Ghanian University is Dealing With Enormous Challenges With Education
Source: Times Higher Education

Asheshi University in Ghana is one of the finest young universities inculcating innovation for a revolution in their curriculum. This university has been in the top 10 of THE’s inaugural Sub-Saharan Africa University Rankings.


Moreover, it is for the first time that the university is in the news. In fact, it was also highlighted in the award of the World Innovation Summit for Education (Wise) prize in 2017. Ashesi University is a common private but not-for-profit organisation near Accra in Africa. So what’s special about it?

The Revolutionary Asheshi University

For the universities and education in Africa, Asheshi University is like a torchbearer of change and adapting to the surrounding environment. Not only the university is the epitome of education but also the transformative curriculum as well as the practicality of degree courses. 

In 2002, Patrick Awuah established Asheshi University to address the demand for ethical leaders in the country. Therefore, ethics were embedded in every chapter of every course curriculum to make leaders of tomorrow. 

The university began on a rented horse with only a class of 30 students to start with and is now addressing Africa’s most pressing issues. The university plans to deal with the fourth industrial revolution, demographic shifts, issues around health, artificial intelligence and climate change.

Asheshi University plans to incorporate topics such as climate change into every curriculum be it engineering, management or fashion design. There are some basic things that every student ought to know and realise and they will achieve it through compulsory course curriculum. 

Who Founded Asheshi University?

In 2002, Patrick Awuah founded Asheshi University. Awuah wanted to transform education by raising its quality standards. The award at the World Innovation Summit for Education (Wise) prize in 2017 bore results for his efforts. 

Patrick Awuah is an alumnus of Swarthmore College and the University of California, Berkeley. He also worked for Microsoft for a while before dreaming of making education a glorious opportunity for every student in Ghana. 

Mr Awuah is planning an Education Collaborative involving more than 400 universities, to contribute their faculty and leadership to help translate this dream into a reality. He also believes that every African university should work on this model. 

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