Study in Canada: Ontario Expanding Number of Medical School Placements

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As a part of the 2022 Ontario Budget, the Government is investing $100.8 million. The Ontario Government in Increasing number of seats for medical students whether they study at home or abroad.

To become a doctor in Ontario, new investment by the Government! In the year 2023, the government is investing $33 Million. To add 100 undergraduate medical seats and also 154 postgraduate medical training seats in the year 2024.

Major reason for the increasing number of seats is that students who go abroad to pursue doctoral courses or doctoral degrees do not find residency spots in their home province. Whereas, international students learn here and then leave. That’s why there is expansion of seats in the number of undergraduate and graduate medical school spots. This will put qualified Ontario students at the front of the line. 

Furthermore, the main goal of investing in Ontario’s health workforce is to build a strong Ontario that focuses on the here and now approach. Basically, that is supporting people today while laying a strong foundation for the future. 

Study in Canada: Ontario Expanding Number of Medical School Placements

Basically, this is done in order to train the next generation of Ontario doctors in Ontario itself. Also, to stay here and care for communities in Ontario. Moreover, the investment in budget 2023 builds on the expansion of 295 postgraduate and 160 undergraduate medical training seats announced last year. In over a decade, this was the largest expansion of Ontario’s medical school system. 

Additionally, expanding post secondary educational opportunities that prioritize Ontarians, will make it easier for homegrown doctors of tomorrow, to provide world class health care rights and receive training in their own communities. Moreover, this expansion is a part of the government’s health plan, which includes initiatives to hire more health care workers. 

Furthermore, an increase in the number of healthcare workers and doctors will make an impact on Ontarians. Just, to connect to world class health care rights in their own communities. As mentioned by Sylvia Jones, Deputy Premier and Minister of Health. 

Moreover, 60% of new postgraduate training seats will be in primary care whereas, 40% will be in speciality care. Also, new medical expansion will bring the total number of undergraduate and postgraduate seats to 1,212 and 1,637 respectively by the year 2028.

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