Study in USA: President Biden’s Executive Order on AI Entails A Role for University Students

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Study in USA: President Biden’s Executive Order on AI Entails A Role for University Students

US President, Joe Biden released an executive order for the Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy usage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the USA. This involves restrictions and security measures as well as the development and research of AI in the USA. 


There are various sections in this executive order and two talk about students and the use of AI in education. According to the President, it is possible to stand up for consumers, patients, and students by transforming education through AI. However, the role of students is not specified in this section.

Nevertheless, the other section focussed on promoting AI-based innovation and competition is centred around the university campuses. Moreover, President Biden has proposed access to key AI resources, data and AI research grants for students and researchers. 

This research will primarily focus on the healthcare and climate change sectors and also involve students working on the technology. Let’s see what are the implications of this executive order on students and universities. 

Transforming Education Through AI 

This idea promoted deploying AI-enabled educational tools and resources to support the mechanization of educational procedures. Since students are the epicentre of this change they are not only well aware but also an important part of the system to decide the extent of AI involvement in educational procedures. Therefore, universities can consult student bodies and student tech communities in making such decisions. 

AI-Based Innovation and Competition

This idea has the potential for not only the students of AI and Machine Learning courses but also students from all other backgrounds to experiment with the use of AI. Universities will receive grants to inculcate AI-based learning programs for students. These grants involve research resources for researchers as well as students where they can learn and innovate on how to deploy AI in fields such as Healthcare and Climate change. 

Incredible and revolutionary are the best words to describe these methods that keep and check on technology while devising its benefits for the best possible use. US universities are therefore expected to be in the AI game soon. To read more such exciting information and updates, make sure you follow Leverage Edu News Updates.    

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