Study Abroad: New Canadian Citizenship by Descent Bill C-71

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Study Abroad New Canadian Citizenship by Descent Bill C-71

Marc Miller announced that they will be introducing new Canadian citizenship by descent legislation called Bill c-71. This bill aims to expand citizenship by descent beyond the first generation in an exclusive manner that preserves the value of Canadian citizenship. This bill will immediately provide Canadian citizenship to those who are born abroad to a Canadian parent and before the act went into effect. 


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Bill C-71  is an Act to Amend the Citizenship Act (2024), and would also reinstate citizenship for “Lost Canadians”-people who lost or never obtained citizenship due to antiquated provisions in previous citizenship laws.

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Before the Act comes into effect, Bill C-71 would also grant citizenship to the descendants of “lost Canadians” and anyone born overseas to a Canadian parent in the second or following generations. The proposed changes in Bill C-71, An Act to Amend the Citizenship Act (2024) may raise questions for individuals and their families. 

Who are ‘Lost Canadians’?

Lost Canadians are people who get caught up in convoluted provisions of the Citizenship Act because of where and when they were born. The first generation who are born overseas is not allowed to automatically give their children citizenship if they are also born outside of Canada under the first generation cut-off regulation. Parents of second-generation children must sponsor them to enter Canada as permanent residents and then they can apply for citizenship just like any other immigrant. 

Several provisions of Bill S-245 as revised by CIMM, fully address the objective of providing citizenship by descent to people who may have lost it because of the need to petition for citizenship retention before turning 28.

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