Study Abroad: New Update on Temporary Residents in Canada

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Study Abroad New Update on Temporary Residents in Canada

Marc Miller the immigration minister of Canada provided an update on temporary residents in Canada. He has announced that he has instructed the immigration department to conduct a review of IRCC programs that bring in temporary foreign workers and align them with the needs of labour market. In addition to this Canada will set up annual targets for temporary residents for the first time in the fall of 2023 just as it is set for permanent residents annually. 

Canada’s temporary resident population has grown rapidly and reached up to 2.5 million. Next IRCC will aim to reduce their temporary resident population to 5% over the next three years. 

New Eligibility Criteria for Canada PGWP is Now Effective from May 15

There are certain changes announced for the Canadian temporary foreign worker program including a reduction in new LMIA Validity from 12 months to 6 months starting from 1st May 2024 except for the employers participating in the recognized employer pilot program (REP). 

Distribution of Temporary Residents Province-Wise

Ontario is the largest province with about a million temporary residents followed by Quebec and British Columbia:

ProvinceTotal Temporary ResidentsAsylum ClaimantsWork Permit HoldersStudy Permit HoldersBoth Work and Study Permit HoldersOthers (mainly refers to family members living with permit holders)
British Columbia400,96411,384196,259138,43438,84816,039
Nova Scotia45,79432520,71213,6199,0562,082
New Brunswick27,45818813,8647,4764,6261,304
Newfoundland and Labrador12,911736,0635,0171,186572
Prince Edward Island9,953265,1923,702745288
Northwest Territories5677490382012

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