Study Abroad: Melbourne Unveiled Guidelines to Nurture International Student Talent

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Study Abroad: Melbourne Unveiled Guidelines to Nurture International Student Talent
To acknowledge the contribution of the international education industry to Melbourne’s economic growth, a new framework has been launched.

A new framework for international students has been revealed in Melbourne. The intention is to increase foreign investment, use diaspora and alumni groups, and promote Melbourne as one study-abroad destination. 


The aim is to recognise the role of the international education sector in Melbourne’s economic development. The plan will improve the education sector and talent development of international students. 

Also, it is a way for students to showcase their entrepreneurial skills and leadership skills. It serves as an improving pathway for employment and establishing long-term relationships with people in the university or alumni industry. 

Early in July, Melbourne ran an Open Innovation Competition among innovators and entrepreneurs. The event aimed to focus on creating an inclusive city for international students and alumni. 

Moreover, the international student alumni focused their solutions on finding jobs for international students. The strategy is also committed to supporting international education through advocacy, student welcoming and assisting with employability. 

The campaign will concentrate on presenting Melbourne as one of the most multicultural cities in the world, which is home to almost 170,000 foreign students. To draw more visitors, students, and investors, this is being done.

Study Abroad: Melbourne Unveiled Guidelines to Nurture International Student Talent

Expansion of International Student Market

However, future marketing initiatives would emphasise Melbourne’s diversity and promote it as a “modern, welcoming, and multicultural city.” Currently, 71% of the city’s citizens have at least one parent who was born abroad, and 55% of its residents were born abroad.

According to the framework, the goal is to promote Melbourne as an economic centre for the Asia-Pacific area and to maintain contact with important Asian markets, notably China, which is the main source of foreign students and visitors in Melbourne. India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam are further significant nations.

Furthermore, RMIT University is anticipated to see the return of international students in Melbourne. As per the sources, it may take some time to reach pre-pandemic levels but the application acceptance is in process. 

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