Study Abroad: Longer Work Permits for Healthcare and Trades Graduates in Canada

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Study Abroad Longer Work Permits for Healthcare and Trades Graduates in Canada

Marc Miller minister of IRCC said that provinces have asked to give PGWPs (Post-Graduation Work Permits) of longer dates for people who are in the healthcare sector and certain trades. Miller in response to this request assured that his department will be accommodating but for this, the provinces are required to share the data backing. He also added that work is incomplete but on the positive side as people were in solution mode. 


The immigration ministers of all Canadian provinces and territories are members of the FMRI. In addition to this, all the ministers agreed on the topic of how to support asylum seekers and Canada’s response to humanitarian crises through the federal policy framework that is being developed. 

Streamlined Visa Process and Stronger Support for Students

In the following three years, the federal government is intending to reduce the proportion of temporary residents to 5% of the total population of Canada. 6.2% of the population is now made up of temporary residents. 

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Last FMRI Meeting in 2023

On 17th November 2023, Marc Miller together with his provincial and territorial counterparts, convened to deliberate on the country’s immigration policy, encompassing the Immigration Levels Plan 2024-26. As Quebec manages its immigration program, the immigration minister of Quebec acts as an observer during the FMRI. However, the federal government has the last word on any application for immigration to Canada. As per the press release, the ministers wanted an even higher proportion of PNPs in the planning of immigration levels. 

In 2025 and 2026, immigration is expected to stabilize at 500,000 new permanent residents according to the previously issued Immigration Levels Plan.

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