Study Abroad: IRCC Public Consultations for Annual Immigration Targets is Now Open

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Study Abroad IRCC Public Consultations for Annual Immigration Targets is Now Open

IRCC has opened 2024 public consultations for setting the annual new immigration levels plan. Marc Miller will unveil the next multi-year Immigration Levels Plan 2025-2027 this November, projecting the targeted number of new permanent residents who will be admitted to Canada in a given year. This includes of any temporary resident that transitions to permanent residency in a particular year but this does not necessarily mean that all of the new permanent residents come from outside Canada. 


Canada Welcomed more than 370000 New Canadian Citizens in 2023

IRCC is seeking public consultations from Canadian citizens, stakeholders, and immigration experts that will stay open till 30th June 2024. As of now, Canada is targeting to welcome 485000 new permanent residents in 2024 and then stabilize the annual admissions at 500000.

What are the Current Set Immigration Levels for 2024?

Check below the currently set immigration levels for the year 2024:

Economic immigration including Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs)281,135301,250301,250
Family Sponsorship114,000118,000118,000
Refugees, protected persons, humanitarian and compassionate, and other89,86580,75080,750

 International Students in P3s are now Eligible for PGWPs

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