Study Abroad in US: 80% of US Universities Including Ivy League Colleges Drop SAT/ACT Requirements For Admissions

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US Universities Drop SAT/ACT Requirements For Admissions
US Universities Drop SAT/ACT Requirements For Admissions
After the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, universities also changed their admission policies. Many colleges suspended the test requirements. However, after the threat of the pandemic subsides, universities are now focusing on dropping the SAT/ACT requirements.

According to a survey, eighty percent of the US universities will not require students to submit SAT or ACT standardized exam scores for fall 2023 admission. Ivy league universities including Columbia University, Brown University, Cornell University, Harvard University, Dartmouth College, Yale University, and Princeton University have also opted for test-optional criteria for admission to undergraduate programs. 


Now the interest letter, essays, and interviews will evaluate students. The survey says that about 1835 US institutions are currently adopting either SAT/ACT optional test scores or test-free practices.

What is the Role of SAT/ACT?

SAT stands for Scholastic Assessment Test. Admission decisions are largely based on SAT scores. The test access the verbal, mathematical, and written skills of the candidates.

ACT stands for American College Testing, it is similar to SAT. The only difference is there is an additional science section in ACT. The purpose of the SAT is to measure a student’s readiness for college and provide a common data point for the colleges to compare all applicants.

Why are Universities Dropping SAT?

While the Covid-19 pandemic was at its worst, many colleges changed their admissions policies to test-optional ones while the pandemic was at its worst. As a result, the universities accommodated more applicants. After the pandemic subsided, many universities permanently adopted the change in policy.

Also, some academicians argue that SAT scores were not the correct way to access a candidate’s intellectual capabilities. This is because the universities saw cases where students with excellent academic records had average SAT scores. 

US Universities Drop SAT/ACT Requirements For Admissions

How does this Decision help International Students?

Every year about 25,000 Indian students take the SAT and in the last decade, the number has doubled. The decision to drop SAT will impact Indian students who want to study in the US directly. Experts say that the waiver will open opportunities for Indian students who were underestimated based on their test scores. The students will be judged on their unique talents, experiences, and potential.

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