Study in UK: Universities See 90% Increase in Contribution to Tuition Fees from non-EU Students

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UK universities have seen a significant increase in tuition fees paid by non-EU students, according to data from the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA).

In the 2021/22 academic year, non-EU students contributed close to £9 billion(Approx 900 crore), a 90% increase from 2016/17 figures. The number of non-EU students enrolled in UK institutions also rose from 3 to 5.5 lakhs during the same period.


The fees from EU students saw a slight increase from £1.02 billion (INR 102 Crore) in 2016/17 to £1.06 bn (INR 106 Crore) in 2021/22. It has happened despite a drop from the £1.39 billion (INR 139 Crore) EU students paid in fees in 2020/21.

The HESA data showed that some UK universities received more income from non-EU students than from domestic UK students. For instance, of the £712 million(INR 71.2 Crore )raised in tuition fees by University College London, £501 million (INR 50.1 Crore)came from non-EU international students.

UK Universities See 90% Increase in Tuition Fees from non-EU Students
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Non-EU students: Highest Contributors to UK Universities

The University of Manchester’s non-EU students contributed £374 million (INR 37.4 Crore) in fees, compared to the £242 million (INR 24.2 Crore)from UK and EU students. The University of Leeds, King’s College London, The University of Edinburgh, The University of Warwick, Glasgow and Imperial had more fees paid by non-EU students.

Among the top 10 universities with the most income from tuition fees, only three had more tuition from UK / EU students. The universities include The Open University, the University of Nottingham and the University of Birmingham.

Meanwhile, of the 24 Russell Group universities, 14 received more in course fees from non-EU students. These universities include Oxford, Cambridge, LSE and UCL. Over the years from 2016/17 to 2021/22 the average fees paid by non-EU students rose to £15,946 (INR 16,38,389)from £14,895.

The UK’s target is to host 600,000 international students by 2030. The target also includes increasing education exports to a value of £35 billion. However, a previous target to hit £30 billion by 2020 was not met. To achieve this goal, the UK is looking into options such as TNE exports and edTech.

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