Study Abroad in Denmark: The Government is Set to Introduce New Bid to Capture Attention of Overseas Students 

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The reform plan by the Danish government is represented by the three ministers on the 2nd March 2023 to boost the establishment project of new 1,100 university places 

The introduced reforms will propose four different pathways as per the master’s degree have received mixed responses from new bid to capture the attention of overseas students


Even though the primary aim of the reform is not to cut higher education funding. But this bid would undoubtedly move the study places from the big cities. 

On the other hand, especially in the humanities and social sciences background, it’s also been assumed that this might be a proposal from the government. This is done to reduce the study time for master’s degrees.

The government also has plans to cut down the study duration for master’s degrees from 24 months to 15 months. This move might prove beneficial. 

The Minister of Higher Education and Science Christina Egelund, Minister for Economy Troels Lund Poulsen, and Minister of Education and Children Mattias Tesfaye presented the new form. Moreover, with the title: Prepared for the Future – towards a coherent reform plan for education. 

International Students

Additionally, the Danish government has outlined a new bid to capture the attention of overseas students who are pursuing their master’s degrees.

The press release stated that most students from the modern generation will complete their higher university education. Most students choose a similar path despite their dreams of working in the public or private sector. 

How Will the New Bid Help the Overseas Students?

The new paths introduced by the universities will undoubtedly prove flexible. Apart from the improved education quality, a new bid to capture the attention of overseas students will also choose in-demand sectors. 

A proper partnership between the business sectors and the universities will create new and enormous chances.

The Danish government has made sure that this proposal focuses on the proper intake of a new bid to capture the attention of overseas students. 

It also includes the influence of a new bid to capture the attention of overseas students on the Danish State Educational Grant. Even though the SU is the centre of political controversy, its popularity is increasing amongst students. 
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