Study Abroad: University of Adelaide and University of South Australia to Merge; Know More!

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The University of Adelaide and the University of South Australia are about to merge. The institution will commence operations in January 2026.

In a significant development, the University of Adelaide and the University of South Australia (UniSA) have reached an agreement to merge. They will form a single university that will become one of the largest tertiary education providers in Australia.


Representatives from both institutions have confirmed the merger, pending approval from the South Australian parliament. If approved, the newly combined institution, to be known as Adelaide University, will commence operations in January 2026.

Discussions about a potential merger have been ongoing for several years, with the COVID-19 pandemic intensifying the need for financial stability. As Australian universities receive funding based on scale, joining forces presented a compelling opportunity for both universities.

The merger is expected to provide students at Adelaide University with enhanced opportunities for academic and personal growth, as mentioned by UniSA Chancellor Pauline Carr. He also stated that it would enable students to go “further and faster.”

Study Abroad: University of Adelaide and University of South Australia to Merge; Know More!

Catherine Branson, Chancellor of the University of Adelaide, expressed her support for the merger in an email to staff members. She emphasised that it would generate the necessary investments and global visibility to excel sustainably and achieve recognition as one of the world’s top 100 universities.

How the Merger will help Students?

Beyond the academic sphere, the merger holds significant implications for the city of Adelaide and the entire South Australian region. Moreover, the union will contribute an additional $500 million to the state economy by 2034. This union may create approximately 1,200 new jobs. 

Furthermore, South Australia aims to position itself as a premier destination for international students. It is anticipated that there will be a $30 million investment in international student recruitment. Along with that, a projected increase of 6,000 international students by 2034 is also estimated.

At present, the merger will not have an immediate impact on current students. However, students should be aware of the potential future implications. 

Students will have the option to continue in their existing program or pursue an equivalent one. It will be based on the available courses. The specific programs that Adelaide University will offer are yet to be finalized but are expected to be determined by the end of 2025.

Both universities commit to supporting international students during the transition process. They are also ensuring compliance with student visa requirements and maintaining continuity in their program of study.

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