Study Abroad: Hong Kong Universities to Double the Percentage of International Students

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Study Abroad: Hong Kong Universities Consulted to Double the Percentage of Non-Local Students
The government of Hong Kong takes the first step towards raising the 20% cap on international students to rebuild the decline in its demographics.

According to senior university officials, Hong Kong is ready to invite thousands more international students to study at the country’s universities. Besides, the current cap of 20% of international students will be raised to introduce this change. Also, all UGC universities are proposed to double this cap.


Therefore, government officials are in talks with the universities to decide on the increase in number of international students. The small island country is facing a demographic decline due to low birth rates and other factors. Hence, officials are making guidelines to invite foreign students to SAR’s eight universities. 

Therefore the government of Hong Kong thought that young overseas students can be their way out of this situation of lack of population. Until now, nearly 50% of the international student population in Hong Kong was from the mainland of China. But the government authorities are making provisions to be more inclusive in this situation to include students from Nigeria, Asia, Saudi Arabia etc. 

Study Abroad: Hong Kong Universities Consulted to Double the Percentage of Non-Local Students

International Student Demographics in Hong Kong

According to recent Times Higher Education rankings many young universities in Hong Kong have gained recognition. Of the top 10 list of best universities under 50 years of age, 3 are from Hong Kong. 

There are more in the list of the top 100, which demarcates that Hong Kong is trying to improve its quality of education and student experience to allure more overseas students or non-local students as they say. 

In the 2019-2020 session, 5,436 international students in Hong Kong were from Asia. This number will increase as the cap rises. Moreover, The University of Hong Kong Korean Student Association (HKUKSA) has also introduced a 2-year visa for top university graduates.

These steps will ensure that the country retains the top-performing students without letting them hassle through visa approvals. There will be more updates and relaxations provided for non-local students in Hong Kong. 

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