Study in Germany: Highest Record Number of Student Visa Applications for Indian Students

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Germany embassy has revealed 25,000 student visa applications for the next 2 semesters. For study abroad programmes Germany has seen a booming effect of students entering this popular study abroad destination. 

“Germany is the new kid on the block because this number has exploded over the last couple of years and we now have 35,000 Indian students in Germany,” he claimed. According to the 2023 Wissenschaft weltoffen, which was published in March, 33,753. Indian students were studying in the European nation, accounting for 9.7% of the 349,438 international students studying there overall in 2021/22.


Higher Record Number of Student Visa Applications

With almost 40,055 students enrolling across Germany’s higher education ecosystem. Additionally, China continues to be the top source country for international students. The German embassy currently has 25,000 new applications (from Indians) on file for the upcoming two semesters, the ambassador added. The free education and English-medium programmes, which provide both academic and practical possibilities, are two factors that increase the appeal of Germany to Indian youngsters.

Study in Germany: Highest Record Number of Student Visa Applications for Indian Students

“We do German institutions don’t do any PR, largely because they are state-owned and managed institutions. “The volume of applications is overwhelming. It is difficult for us to process 25,000 applications in a year.

There have been problems with visa applications before. Stakeholders cautioned that the “discouraging and demotivating” nature of visa wait times in 2020. Moreover, students in Cameroon, India, and Morocco having to wait up to a year for their visas, was a problem.

The “win-win situation” for Indian students and German society as a whole for hosting international students from India was also mentioned by Ambassador Ackerman, who claimed that “German universities are super happy with Indian students.”

Furthermore, Indian students are very welcome at German universities. Their interactions with Indian pupils have been overwhelmingly good. Indian applications are therefore valued highly and are approved with ease. Moreover, you have 12 months to hunt for a job [after graduating], and I can assure you that every Indian student finds employment in Germany within six weeks,” he asserted.

“We want Indian students to visit Germany and then remain there. We believe that when we offer to help them with their education, it benefits us when they enter the workforce. In general, both parties benefit from this situation because we have a dearth of workers and the Indian students who stay on in Germany find employment there a tremendous relief.

Data of International Students in Germany for the Last 5 Years 

YearTotal Number of International Students
2021 – 20224,40,564
2020 – 20214,16,437
2019 – 20204,11,601
2018 – 20193,94,665

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