Study abroad in California: The USCB records the highest number of student allocation ever in the winter quarter 

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Unlike the other winter quarters, the USCB witnessed a record number of student enrolments in the present winter quarter, which is an all-time high.

Most of the time, international students usually don’t prefer taking enrolment in international colleges during winter. This is why many universities witness a decline in enrolment during the winter season, which is the start of the academic year. USCB stated that the enrolment has decreased by 6%. 


The recent record number of student allocation has been followed by the allegations of over-enrolment, which are made both by the City of Goleta as well as Santa Barbara County. They are also implementing litigation against the university. 


Credit: Mark Alfred – Daily Nexus

The pair made different claims stating that the university didn’t adhere to the 2010 Long Range Development Plan, which stated that the number of students on the university campus cannot exceed more than 25,000. The Nexus utilized the two types of university data, along with the registration report and the enrolment dashboard to determine the number of students. 

Over the past five years, the current number of enrolment of international students at the USCB has increased slightly. The enrolment of UG students has declined by 857. On the other hand, the number of overall graduate students has decreased by 72. 

Currently, at the USCB, less than 3100 undergraduate students are pursuing their higher education. However, the largest number of undergraduate students have taken admitted in this winter quarter. 


Credit: Mark Alfred – Daily Nexus

Priority of International Students for Choosing USCB 

More than two-thirds of the undergraduate students complete the relevant units that are important to be classified as upper division. On the other hand, one-third of the students are considered from a lower division. 

As per the enrolment dashboard, more than 31% of the students are considered first-generation students. Most students who are completing their graduation from USCB university are either international or come from out of state. The number of international students has increased in Canada but decreased in China. 

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