Study Abroad: Benefits of Canada Permanent Residency

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Study Abroad Benefits of Canada Permanent Residency

In order to become permanent residents of Canada, prospective immigrants are increasingly choosing Canada as their destination and at the same time it has become competitive more than ever. However, Canadian permanent residents or those who plan to become permanent residents must be aware of a number of laws, rules, etc to pertain to permanent resident status. This article will help the candidates to understand every facet of permanent resident status.  


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What does it mean to be a Permanent Resident?

Permanent resident is a person who immigrated to Canada and received permanent resident status despite not being a Canadian citizen. Citizens of foreign nations make up the majority of permanent residents. They can enter Canada without a visa if you hold the status of a permanent resident in Canada. If the PR card expires, they do not lose their status as a permanent resident. Permanent residents must provide their valid PR card or PRTD (Permanent Resident Travel Document) when boarding a fight on a commercial airline. 

Importance of Having a Permanent Resident (PR) Card

PR card demonstrate that the candidates are a permanent resident. They are free to enter and leave Canada as a result. Therefore, in order to confirm that PR status and passport when returning to Canada via commercial transportation such as an airplane, boat, train, or bus, or they must provide their permanent residence card. They must apply for a permanent resident travel document if they are currently outside Canada and a permanent resident without a PR card or if they do not have one. 

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