Most Popular Social Media Vocabulary IELTS

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Social Media Vocabulary IELTS

Social Media Vocabulary IELTS: IELTS Vocabulary requires candidates to speak and write words and sentences in an appropriate manner during the test. Social media vocabulary IELTS contains words and phrases, where you will have to include words and phrases related to social media in your responses.


The examiner might ask about your favourite social media application or person, how much time you spend on social media, what is your genre on social media, what are the pros and cons of using social media, etc. It’s very important that you come up with satisfactory responses during your IELTS Speaking and Writing tests. In this article, we will talk about some of the most popular social media vocabulary IELTS.

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IELTS Social Media Vocabulary

Before appearing for the IELTS test, candidates must ensure that they have prepared well for the vocabulary section. This section requires you to understand the meaning and uses of English words in the IELTS Speaking and Writing sections. Candidates must practice social media vocabulary words in context to ensure a better understanding and application in their IELTS exam. The table below shows some of the most popular social media IELTS vocabulary words.

Social Media VocabularyUse in Sentence
Catfishing Catfishing is considered a criminal activity in many countries.
InternetYou can find any and every piece of information on the internet.
ViralThe video of the dancing cat went viral and now has millions of views.
PrivacyThe government has banned all social media applications stating privacy leeks.
Emoji/ EmoticonShe sent an ‘angry face’ emoji after we had an argument.
SelfieHe posts regular selfies because he is planning to increase his followers.
TrendingMr Beast’s videos are always on trending pages.
FacebookFacebook introduces us to chatting online with our friends.
InstagramA lot of young people have their accounts on Instagram.
TwitterA lot of influential people use Twitter to deliver their messages to the masses.
SnapchatSnapchat has launched a new feature to make its user’s accounts more secure.
FollowerMovie stars and Sportspersons have the highest number of followers on social media.
HashtagA lot of influences add hashtags in their posts so that it reaches more people on the internet.
CommentHe said ‘no comment’ during the talk show.
LikeAll social media applications have the feature to ‘like’ others’ posts and comments.
ShareAngela and I share a lot of funny jokes on social media.
InfluencerHe has become a social media influence because of his cute face and good physique.
ProfileIntroverts try to keep a low profile
BlockShe blocked him on all social media accounts
News feedYou can get a lot of creative ideas from the news feed.
PostShe posts regular pictures of her dog on the internet.
StreamingStreaming games online has become very popular among young people.

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IELTS Social Media Idioms and Phrases

Social media idioms and phrases are more like technical terms. Candidates preparing for IELTS Vocabulary must familiarize themselves with the meanings and usage of social media idioms and phrases to enhance their understanding and communication skills in the context of social media. The table below highlights some of the most popular social media phrases for IELTS vocabulary.

Social Media PhrasesUse in Sentence
FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)He experienced FOMO after her friends uploaded their vacation pictures on Facebook.
Digital FootprintOne must be careful of what they are posting online, as their digital footprints might have long-term consequences.
Going ViralHis workout videos went viral overnight, receiving millions of views and shares.
Social Media DetoxI’m feeling overwhelmed, so it’s better if I go on a social media detox for a week.
Keyboard WarriorHe’s becoming like a keyboard warrior, trying to argue online but fearing to engage in face-to-face discussions.
ClickbaitA lot of people on the internet use clickbait to gain views.
Online PersonaHe maintains a positive and joyful online persona, even though he’s going through a tough time
For Your Information (FYI)FYI, I’ll be going on vacation for a week in the coming month.
B2B (Business to Business)Talking about discounts, there are numerous policies depending on business-to-business.
B2C (Business to Consumer)Amazon offers one of the best business-to-consumer services.

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