How to Score 120 in TOEFL?

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How to Score 120 in TOEFL?

How to Score 120 in TOEFL: Scoring well in TOEFL iBT is imperative for those who wish to study or move abroad. Aspirants who wish to score a perfect 120 on their TOEFL exam must adhere to a certain pattern of progress. The exam, lying on a difficulty spectrum of moderate to tough, can pose a challenge to some; therefore it is important for one to adhere to such guidelines or framework. Those who wish to acquire scores that ascend beyond the regular passing marks and wish to rank among the top scorers must read this blog to know more about how to score 120 in TOEFL. 


Best Tips to Score 120 in TOEFL

Candidates preparing for their TOEFL exam must adhere to the following set of guidelines or tips to score a perfect 120 in the TOEFL iBT Exam. 

  •  Aspirants must keep tabs on the latest TOEFL Exam Pattern to score higher in their exams. Keeping updated with the latest exam pattern will not only help one understand the structure of the exam but also give a good idea about the types of questions that may be asked.  Doing so, will in turn help students acquire better scores. 
  • It is critical for aspirants to find a baseline score to create their own viable study plan. 

 A baseline score can be referred to as the score that one acquired prior to sitting for any TOEFL iBT test prep. One must partake in as many TOEFL ibT practice tests as possible to find their average baseline score. Doing so will give students a good idea about their shortcomings and the areas where they need to improve.

  • Preparation is the key for one to acquire a perfect 120 in their TOEFL Exams. That being said, the quantity and quality of your preparation will ultimately decide the probability of you scoring a perfect score on the TOEFL exam. A timeframe of three to six months is allotted to aspirants prior to their main exam. One must utilize this time to the optimal by segregating their study hours according to their schedules. 
  • Partaking in mock exams or practice tests will eventually help students bolster their accuracy and time management. Not only that, doing so will also help one boost their confidence whilst answering the questions. 

These were some of the general tips to help one score a perfect 120 in their TOEFL iBT exam. Furthermore, here are some tips that must be adhered to whilst answering each section of the TOEFL questionnaire. Have a look at the section-wise tips for scoring a 120 in TOEFL exams. 

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Top Tips for Scoring 120 in TOEFL- Reading Section

The TOEFL Reading section can be challenging for some, this is why it is critical for one to be well-prepared prior to attempting such a section. Here are some top tips for scoring 120 in the TOEFL Reading Section. 

  • Aspirants must enhance their academic vocabulary to acquire better scores in TOEFL. One can read more books, consume content or simply converse with people on a day-to-day basis to bolster their vocabulary. 
  • One must inculcate a habit of reading without using any dictionary. Doing so will not only help one improve their reading but also help them implement them correctly.
  •  This is because reading without a dictionary will help students understand the tone and connotation of words. Therefore, one may not need to know each and every new word. 
  • Whilst attempting the TOEFL Reading Section, one must keep in mind to avoid wasting their time by reading the entire passage word by word. This can be effectively done if one skim through the passage and focuses only on the keywords or areas from where the questions may have been asked. 

Top Tips for Scoring 120 in TOEFL- Listening Section

The TOEFL Listening Section necessitate students to pay attention to each and every worried uttered in the audio clips. One must grasp the core idea behind the passage and try to retain as much information as possible to score higher in their TOEFL Listening Section. Here are some tips that can be followed to acquire a perfect 120 in the TOEFL listening section. 

  • One must constantly practise the TOEFL listening section by playing simulated audio snippets. When a person has finished practising by listening to such clips multiple times, they should begin practising by listening to them only once. Individuals will be able to increase their listening abilities and teach their ears to listen fully the first time.
  • One must avoid reputation or redundancy whilst attempting the questions as it can hamper one’s accuracy and time management. 
  • It is critical for one to grasp the core idea behind the passage. Once an individual is able to comprehend the gist behind the clips, he or she can easily answer the questions. 
  • One must improve their listening skills by playing audio clips pertaining to a multitude of English accents.
  • It is important for one to eliminate any unnecessary information whilst answering the questions. 

Top Tips for Scoring 120 in TOEFL- Speaking Section

The TOEFL Speaking Section assess an individual’s proficiency in spoken English. Acquiring good scores in the section is crucial for one as it determines how well a candidate can communicate and convey themselves in front of an international audience. The section requires one to be articulate and confident with their answers. Here are some of the top tips for scoring a perfect 120 in the TOEFL Speaking Section. 

  • It is crucial for one to avoid rushing whilst answering. One must take pauses to maintain the flow whilst speaking. 
  • One must always encapsulate the gist of their answers by providing a conclusion. 
  • One must avoid using heavy jargon or vocabulary that is too hard to pronounce or comprehend. 
  • Improper or incorrect implementation of vocabulary can result in one to lose their points. 
  • One must improve their pronunciation by speaking with as many people as possible. 

Top Tips for Scoring 120 in TOEFL- Writing Section

The TOEFL Writing Section evaluates a candidate’s English Writing prowess. The section necessitates one to implement and incorporate the correct and appropriate use of grammar, vocabulary and so on. Here are some top tips for scoring 120 in the TOEFL Writing Section. 

  • Candidates must ensure that they stick to comprehensible and coherent writing whilst attempting the questions. 
  • One must incorporate vocabulary that they understand and know about its correct usage. 
  • One must plan the structure of their essays prior to attempting them. 
  • It is advisable that candidates incorporate a lot of supporting examples and transitions to make their essays coherent and comprehensible. 
  • One must practice writing essays within a set timeframe to improve their speed and accuracy. 

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Best Preparation Books for Scoring 120 in TOEFL 

It is crucial for one to refer to the best available sources or books to score a perfect 120 score in TOEFL. These books will not only help you understand the exam’s structure and question types but will also give you a good understanding of how to score better in TOEFL. Refer to the table below to purchase the best preparation books for scoring 120 in TOEFL. 

Name of Book Name of Author Purchase Link Price
TOEFL IBT PREMIER 2016-2017KAPLAN Click Here INR 350 
TOEFL IBTPamela J.Sharpe Click Here INR 2,817
Cambridge Preparation for the TOEFL Test Book with 1 CD-ROM GEARClick HereINR 5,524


Is TOEFL hard for Indian students?

Clearing the TOEFL Exam may be an arduous or challenging task for many, as the exam encompasses topics from numerous academic topics and necessitates one to implement vocabulary that is very advanced. This is why one must be well-prepared prior to attempting the exam. 

How hard is it to get 115 in TOEFL?

It is not an easy task to acquire a score of 115 out of 120 in TOEFL. This is why one must practice by partaking in as many practice tests as possible. Candidates belonging to nations where English is not the native language for communication may face certain challenges while attempting the questionnaire 

Is 105 a good TOEFL score?

Candidates preparing for the TOEFL exam must aim to score anywhere between 100 to 110 to get selected into decent universities abroad. 

TOEFL Exam is one of the most widely accepted English proficiency exams in the world. Study abroad aspirants who wish to pursue their higher education overseas or wish to relocate abroad must partake in the said exam. 

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