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The Duolingo Writing of the DET exam evaluates an individual’s proficiency in English writing skills. In this section, you will be given certain topics on which you will have to write coherent and comprehensible answers. Individuals who opt to take the writing sample test must prove their English Writing, Vocabulary, and Grammar skills to the examiners. 


They must be able to write and construct coherent and comprehensible sentence structures with little to no grammatical and syntax errors. That being said, one must keep abreast of the common Duolingo writing topics to get a solid understanding of the questions that may be asked during the section. Read the complete blog to learn more about the Duolingo Writing Topics. 

Name of ExamDuolingo English Test
Exam Fee$59
Number of Attempts3 (within a month) 
Duration 1 Hour 

Common Topics for Duolingo Writing 

The Duolingo Writing Sample section, with its limited time frame of 3-5 minutes, is designed to evaluate your English writing skills. To succeed, you’ll need strong vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure.

This section can be tricky because it requires you to express your thoughts and arguments clearly and concisely in writing. However, by familiarizing yourself with common writing prompts, you can feel more prepared to tackle the task effectively.

Here are some of the common topics for Duolingo Writing Sample Task: 

  1. Art and Culture
  2. Travelling
  3. Technology
  4. Parenthood
  5. Health 
  6. Government Policies 
  7. Education 
  8. Business

Types of Questions Asked in Duolingo Writing 

The Writing section of the DET exam comprises question types such as ‘Read then Write’, ‘Write about the Photo’, and the ‘Writing Sample’. Let’s understand these tasks one by one. 

  • Write about the Photo: This task tests your ability to describe a visual image using strong vocabulary and grammar. You’ll need to create clear and well-organized sentences to effectively convey the details and meaning of the photo.
  • Read then Write: This task assesses your reading comprehension and writing skills. You’ll be given a short text to read and analyze, followed by a question or prompt that requires a concise and informative written response. Aim for a word count within the specified limit (30-50 words) and ensure your answer directly addresses the prompt while maintaining clarity and coherence.
  • Writing Sample: This open-ended writing task evaluates your ability to express yourself on a given topic. You’ll need to demonstrate your knowledge of vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure while crafting a well-developed and organized response that adheres to the prompt.

Duolingo Writing: Sample Questions and Answers (With PDF) 

Duolingo’s Writing section can pose a major challenge to test-takers. Students must have a certain level of familiarity with the Duolingo writing topics and sample questions. That being said, one must solve these sample questions to get a good understanding of the question types and how to answer them to score better on the section.

 Download the pdf given below to work through the sample questions. If you get stuck on a certain question, feel free to refer to the answer bank. 

5 Tips to Ace Your  Duolingo Writing

Here are some of the best tips for Duolingo writing. Have a look. 

  • Understand the Prompt: Before you start writing, take a moment to understand the question being asked. Reread the prompt and make sure you know what information you need to include in your response.
  • Plan Your Response: Don’t just jump straight into writing. Take a few seconds to plan your response mentally or even jot down a quick outline. This will help you stay focused and organized.
  • Focus on Clarity and Conciseness: Duolingo often has word limits for writing tasks, so it’s important to be clear and concise in your writing. Use simple sentence structures, avoid unnecessary words, and get to the point quickly.
  • Show, Don’t Tell: Instead of simply stating your opinion, try to show the reader why you believe what you do. Use examples, data, or personal anecdotes to support your claims.
  • Proofread Carefully: Before submitting your response, take a few minutes to proofread it carefully. Check for any typos, grammatical errors, or awkward phrasing. You can also try reading your response out loud to catch any mistakes you might make while reading silently.

So that was all about the Duolingo Writing topics. Hope the blog has answered your queries regarding the topic.  

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Q1. What is the total duration of the Writing and Speaking Section of the DET exam? 

Ans: The writing and speaking section of the DET exam lasts for 10 minutes. 

Q2. What are the rules for writing in the Duolingo Exam?

Ans: Students attempting the Duolingo Writing Sample section must not exceed the word limit of 50 words and must complete the task within a time frame of five minutes. Students are recommended to work on their vocabulary and grammar to score better in the Duolingo Writing sample test. 

Q3. What are the common topics for the Duolingo Writing Sample Task? 

Ans: Art, business, Family, Childhood, Travelling, Technology, and Parenthood are some of the most common topics that come in the Duolingo Writing Sample Task. 

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