Duolingo Vocabulary A-Z List: PDF [Free Download]

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Duolingo vocabulary list pdf

Duolingo English Test Vocabulary: A robust vocabulary can be your key to success in the DET exam. Duolingo vocabulary empowers you to not only decipher the literal meaning of the text but also delve deeper, grasping the nuances and intricacies of the arguments and viewpoints provided in the content. 

Furthermore, having a solid grasp of Duolingo vocabulary helps test-takers articulate responses that are not only coherent and comprehensible but also punchy. It equips you to tackle the challenges presented in the DET tasks with confidence and finesse. That being said, read the complete article to learn more about Duolingo vocabulary. 

Duolingo Vocabulary List PDF Download 

Duolingo Vocabulary List PDF Download: Download the complete list of vocabulary for Duolingo from the link given below. Refer to the list to broaden your vocabulary for the DET exam. Have a look. 

Top 10 Tips to Improve Your Duolingo Vocabulary

Building a strong vocabulary is crucial for success in the DET exam. Here are some effective strategies to enhance your English vocabulary for the Duolingo English Test. 

  • During lessons, don’t rush through new vocabulary. Spend extra time pronouncing the words, using the microphone feature to ensure correct pronunciation.
  • While reading articles, books, or even subtitles, pay attention to unfamiliar words. Look up their definitions and try incorporating them into your daily conversations.
  • Utilize flashcards to actively memorize new words and revise them at set intervals.
  • Immerse yourself in the language through podcasts, audiobooks, movies, and TV shows. Pay attention to how vocabulary is used in context.
  • Try using your newly learned vocabulary in everyday situations. This reinforces your memory and aids in practical usage.
  • Conversing with a native speaker or fellow learner provides an opportunity to practice using new vocabulary in a natural setting.
  • Pay attention to unfamiliar words, underlining or making a note of them. Look up their definitions and try understanding their usage within the sentence.
  • Utilise both physical and online resources to explore definitions, synonyms, and antonyms.
  • Engage in games like Scrabble, Boggle, or crossword puzzles. These provide a stimulating way to encounter new words and practice using them.
  • Once you learn a new word, try incorporating it into your daily conversations or writing. This strengthens memory and reinforces practical usage.

Best Books to Help You Improve Your Duolingo Vocabulary

Here are the best vocabulary books for DET  that you can purchase to bolster your chances of success in the exam. Have a look. 

Name of the BookName of the Author/PublisherPricePurchase Link
Cambridge Idioms DictionaryCambridge University PressINR 346Click Here
Oxford Idioms and Phrasal VerbsBen Francis and Dilys ParkinsonINR 450Click Here
Pinnacle SSC 60 Days English Vocabulary bookPinnacle PublicationsINR 1,288Click Here
Blackbook of English VocabularyNikhil K.R. GuptaINR 329Click Here
Everyday Vocabulary More Than 6100 WordsKumkum Gupta INR 75Click Here

So that was all about Duolingo vocabulary. Hope the blog has answered your queries regarding the topic. 

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Q1. What are the frequently asked topics in the Duolingo test?

Ans: Some of the most common Duolingo Speaking topics include family, studies, student life, childhood, studies, future, friends, government, hobbies, music, cinema etc.

Q2. What is the duration of the Duolingo English Test?

Ans: The Duolingo English Test lasts for one hour.

Q3. What is the score range of the Duolingo English Test? 

Ans: The score range of the Duolingo English test is 10 to 160. 

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