PTE Study Online: 7 Tips for Choosing the Best Platform

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PTE Study Online

Not being affluent in the English language can be a major detriment to students who aspire to study or relocate abroad. But that doesn’t mean it is impossible for one to hone their English speaking, writing and reading skills at all. And, that’s why it is imperative for candidates prospecting to study abroad to prepare for the PTE exam. Partaking in the PTE exam can serve as a testament to the applicants’ English-speaking competency, and can help students: 

  • Reassure the admission committee/ visa officers about their proficiency in the English Language. 
  • Insinuate that he/she will be able to represent their ideas and express themselves in front of an international audience.

That being said, don’t let a language stand in the way of your dreams of studying/relocating abroad. Just because you aren’t well-versed in a certain language doesn’t mean you’re ill-equipped to live your dreams abroad. And, that’s where the PTE Exam comes into the picture. 

Coming to the exam itself, what exactly is it? You may ask. The PTE exam or the Pearson Language Test (academic) is conducted every year to assess the overall proficiency of an applicant in the English Language. The exam primarily aims at gauging the candidates’  English speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills.  

Partaking in the said examination can hone one’s English language skills and groom them for an international environment. This exam is accepted by academic institutions across the globe. Students aspiring to study or relocate to a predominantly English-speaking nation, are required to apply for the  PTE academic exam.  

7 Tips for Choosing the Best Platform

One cannot attribute exam success solely to exam preparation. An aspirant should always be prepared, as well as have a few tricks and tips up their sleeve. Practice and revision will only get you so far; the quality of your preparation will eventually help you gain an edge over your peers. To pass an exam, how well you prepare is far more important than how much you’ve studied. And to ensure that one’s preparations are of high quality, we have curated and shortlisted certain points that will help you choose the best platform out there for your PTE Study.  Choosing the best platform to prepare for your PTE exam is critical because it can save you a significant amount of time and energy.

1. Learn About the Exam Details 

Adhering to a set pattern for any given examination can help candidates create a viable pipeline for their exam preparation. Being acquainted with a set exam pattern can provide applicants with a viable preparation window that can eventually give a head start to those preparing for the said exam. As for the PTE exam, the exam itself (computer-based) will be held for two hours.  It is conducted to evaluate the candidate’s proficiency in the English Language. Those aspiring to study or settle abroad are required to partake in such an exam.  PTE exams are typically segregated into four major sections, such as ‘Speaking’, ‘Reading’, ‘Writing’ & ‘Listening’, with each section encapsulating  20 different types of questions. One will get to see a plethora of questions, ranging from essay compositions to reordering paragraphs, and so on. 

2. Know your Strength and Weakness

Candidates preparing for their PTE exams must keep in mind that preparation alone will not help them crack their exams. To truly ace any given exam and gain that competitive edge, one must be well-versed in exam strategies and the PTE Study Material.  Apart from that, one must be well aware of their own positives and negatives. Knowing where you lack in terms of your preparation can help you streamline and strategize your examination much better. This may even give you enough time to reinforce your weaker areas. For example, if you are utterly confident with your proficiency in the English language, then it is imperative for you to sharpen those topics that you may think are relatively weaker. 

3.  Choose the Right Preparation Material

Initially, choosing the right practice PTE Study material may seem daunting to many. With so many practice materials available out there, it is imperative for one to be cautious while choosing the most appropriate one.  That’s why it is always advised to opt for an online PTE coaching platform. Today, legit online platforms typically offer professional tutorship to candidates with authentic materials & guides. You may be wondering what criteria can be used to evaluate a platform. To evaluate the credibility of a website, one should ensure that the following boxes are ticked. 

  1. Does the platform provide recorded video lessons or live interactive classes?
  2. What does the syllabus cover? 
  3. Flexible batch schedule. 
  4. Quantity and Quality of mock tests/sample questions. 
  5. What is the success rate?

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4. Solve Sample Questions  

Partaking in mock exams can give the candidates an idea about the exam pattern and syllabus structure of the PTE exam. Doing so will help applicants be better prepared for the examination. 

Analysing sample questions can help you understand the types of questions asked in the PTE exam. Although, while preparing, candidates are required to practice the latest materials. Doing so will keep you up to date with the latest exam pattern and structure. Apart from the mentioned benefit, partaking in numerous mock exams can help one ace their writing/thinking speed and accuracy. Therefore, it is imperative for students to choose a platform that includes a lot of mock tests. 

6. Collect Feedback

Acquiring constructive criticism and feedback can prove beneficial for students in improving themselves. Feedbacks are a great way to reflect on your performance and rectify those areas that may need some work. This is why it is necessary for candidates to find a mentor who can guide them along the way. 

7. Additional Platforms

One should not depend entirely on a single PTE platform to prepare themselves. Having multiple sources of information on the plate can help one be better prepared. 

PTE Study Preparation Tips

The PTE examination may seem daunting at first, but with a prior comprehension of the relevant subjects and well-strategized preparation, one can easily ace the exam. Candidates who wish to appear for the said exam can refer to the following points:


  • Candidates can practice writing essays (long/short format) on a daily basis to improve their writing skills. Creating time constraints while practising is a good way to ace accuracy and timing while writing. 
  • One must practice writing within a set word limit and try not to go over it.


  • Practice pronouncing words clearly in front of a mirror. This will reduce hesitation while dictating certain words. 
  • Avoid speaking sentences hastily. 


  • Set time constraints for reading exercises. 
  • Make a habit of re-reading the questions before attempting them. This will prevent silly mistakes. 


  • Listen to audio-based questions in a time-constrained environment.
  • It is imperative for one to maintain his/her composure while listening to the audio. 
  • Make a habit of creating notes while listening to the audio files. This will avoid confusion while answering. 


What is the validity of the PTE test scores?

PTE Academic exam scores have a validity of two years.  

How many times can I appear for the PTE Academic Exam?

Candidates may appear for the PTE exam as many times as they want. Applicants are required to appear for the said exam within a gap of 5 days. 

Why are applicants required to partake in the PTE academic test? 

Aspirants prospecting to study or relocate abroad  (English-speaking countries) are required to partake in the said exam. This test is primarily conducted for evaluating the proficiency of candidates in the  English language (reading, writing, speaking, and listening capabilities). 

English language certifications are instrumental in securing admission to leading universities. Many of them require that you score the predefined marks so that you can be eligible to apply. In any case, a high score increases your chances of admission. Build a plan with Leverage Edu‘s Leverage Live classes and our top trainers and strengthen your English score as well as your application so that you can secure your spot in your dream college.

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