PTE Daily Essay Topic: Child obesity has become a serious health issue in today’s society.

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PTE Daily Essay Topic: Child obesity has become a serious health issue in today's society.

Q. As child obesity becomes a serious health issue in today’s society, some people feel that TV commercials advertising junk food aimed at kids should not be shown before 9 pm. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this view?

Ans. Childhood obesity is a growing concern, and the influence of television on this issue cannot be ignored. Commercials bombard children with sugary treats and processed snacks, shaping their food preferences and pestering power at a vulnerable age. To combat this, a ban on junk food commercials before 9 pm is a necessary step towards promoting healthier habits in our youth.


Television channels have a responsibility to consider the impact of their content on young viewers. Children are particularly susceptible to advertising’s persuasive techniques. Bright colours, catchy jingles, and cartoon characters create a sense of fun and excitement around junk food, overshadowing its nutritional shortcomings. This manipulation can lead children to pressure parents for unhealthy options, ultimately influencing family dietary choices. By restricting junk food commercials to later hours, when children are less likely to be glued to the screen, the influence of these ads can be significantly reduced.

This approach wouldn’t eliminate the issue, but it’s a crucial step in the right direction. Parents would have more control over the food messages their children are exposed to during prime viewing hours. Furthermore, it encourages a cultural shift towards healthier advertising practices. TV channels could promote nutritious alternatives during these earlier slots, introducing children to fruits, vegetables, and other healthy options in a similar engaging way.

In conclusion, the well-being of our children should be a priority. Restricting junk food commercials before 9 pm is a reasonable and necessary step towards promoting healthier habits in the younger generation. It empowers parents and fosters a more mindful approach to advertising, ultimately paving the way for a society where healthy choices become the norm.

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