PhD in Abroad with Stipend 

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PhD in Abroad with Stipend 

One of the toughest degrees, a PhD is also considered the most rewarded degree across the globe. The major reason for the popularity of these PhD degrees is that you get paid while pursuing a PhD degree. A PhD stipend is basically an allowance awarded per month to the students enrolled at PhD degrees to help them to cover their daily expenses, accommodation as well and research. The amount awarded under a PhD stipend usually depends upon the degree and the organisation the students have opted for. Three major factors usually govern these: whether these students are assisting undergraduate teachers or researchers or have already secured a PhD in abroad with a stipend.

Based on the mentioned factors, students are provided with PhD stipend or monthly allowance during their higher studies/PhD degree. If you want to know more about PhD in Abroad with a Stipend, what the stipend is, its types, the best PhD courses Abroad, and much more, then keep reading!

What Are the Types of PhD Stipends? 

PhD in abroad with stipends are categorised into three major categories. These are as follows.

  • Graduate Teaching Assistantships: Students, in exchange for stipends, are required to assist over a number of years in delivering one or more than one course. These are not only limited to making student tutorials, providing a support system to undergraduate students during office hours, and supervising lab experiments. Other than this, students are enabled to teach small sections of the course itself. If you want to know more about GTAs, then you must check the official website of King’s College London. 
  • Research Assistantships (RAs): Under this type, students are required to assist the departmental professor with their own research in exchange for a stipend. In this case, the professors students have to work with are their PhD supervisors and the researchers that help as support relating to their doctoral projects.
  • Stipend via Studentship: As mentioned above, a stipend is basically a non-repayable amount granted to the students pursuing a doctoral(PhD degree) to help them in their studies. A studentship is an amount that only covers tuition fees, whereas a stip[end awarded to PhD students also covers living costs. This stipend amount includes rent, food, bills, and accommodation expenses. The major expectation of this degree is that you are required to do well in your degree with a continuous progress report.  

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Average Stipend for PhD Students Abroad 

The United States of America comprises an array of prestigious universities across the globe which makes the USA a top study destination for higher education and international researchers. In some countries, a postgraduate degree is not always necessary to pursue a PhD degree. Several universities Abroad offer direct entry for PhD programs. A PhD program usually begins with coursework of about two to three years to pass the qualifying exams. In due time, students can develop their research interests and thesis on a topic. These students are required to write a thesis proposal to prove that they can initiate their dissertation. Most of the PhD in Abroad with stipends require the students to have at least two to three years of teaching experience either by leading their own classes or by assisting teaching professors. On average, it takes approximately six years to earn a PhD degree Abroad.  

Further, unlike in some other European countries, there is no minimum salary or national salary scale for the PhD aspirants Abroad. However, the average payment for PhD students ranges between $15000(INR 12.29 lakhs) and $30000(INR 24.59 lakhs) annually depending upon the institution, location, field of study and much more. The stipend awarded is tax-free when it is a fellowship award or taxable in case it is in the form of a salary from a teaching position. In America, PhD students get various funding opportunities offered in the summer, but PhD students are paid for nine months or a year. A PhD funding package will also include a full or partial tuition waiver.

Best Courses and Universities for PhD in Abroad with Stipend

Some of the majorly opted courses and universities for PhD in Abroad with Stipend are as follows. 

Name of the University Average PhD Stipend  INR Conversions Departments 
Louisiana State University $23700 19.42 Lakhs  Electrical engineering 
Drexel University $23700 19.42 Lakhs  Electrical engineering 
Case Western Reserve University $30000 24.59 Lakhs  Computer Science 
University of Nevada Las Vegas  $23400 19.18 Lakhs  College of Education
University of Colorado $34000 27.87 Lakhs  Biochemistry
University of Southern California  $35000 28.68 Lakhs  Neuroscience Graduate Programs
University of Illinois  $40000 32.78 Lakhs  chemistry
University of California  $36000 29.50 Lakhs  BMS
University of Tennessee  $42207 34.59 Lakhs  Nuclear Engineering
Princeton University $48000 39.34 Lakhs  Computer Science

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PhD Abroad Scholarships 

Some of the popular PhD Abroad scholarships for PhD in Abroad with stipend are as follows; 

Name of the Scholarship  Application Deadline 
Fulbright U.S. Student Program August 
AMA’s Valuing Diversity PhD Scholarship May
The Beinecke Scholarship Program February 
William (Bill) Ezzell Scholarship for CPAs March
Irzyk Veteran Scholarship August 

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Ques. What’s the highest PhD stipend?

Ans. As per estimations, the highest paid PhD stipend is at Princeton University for the computer science department at $48000 (INR 39.3 lakh) per annum. 

Ques. How much is the Harvard PhD stipend?

Ans. Students enrolled at Harvard University receive tuition fees and stipend support throughout the program. They are paid an amount of $42660 (INR 35 lakh) per annum for the students pursuing a PhD.

Ques. Is PhD stipend taxable in USA?

Ans. Usually, there is no amount payable for the national residents of the USA however there is an amount of 14% paid as tax to IRS only for non-resident aliens or international students. 

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