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Who will be my roommate? How will I manage travelling alone? These are some common questions, all international students have while moving to a new country. It can be a little scary yet exciting to start your study abroad journey in the UK. The multicultural British society welcomes more than 270,000 international students every year. You’ll find widely varied cuisine, strong transport links, famous music festivals, and international sporting championships throughout the year. Want to know more about student life in UK? Read along to get a sneak-peak into the life of a study in UK student. 

Causes for Indian Students to Study in the UK

There are several renowned universities in the UK that where highly educated individuals who are skilled teachers serve as Lecturers. High-tech practical labs (computer and scientific), libraries, and other educational facilities are provided by these universities, which have excellent standards for education.

Some of the famous universities or colleges in the UK

  1. University of Oxford
  2. University of Cambridge
  3. Imperial College London
  4. University College London
  5. The University of Edinburgh
  6. The University of Manchester
  7. King’s College London
  8. The London School of Economics and Political Science
  9. The University of Warwick
  10. University of Bristol

Experience Diverse Cultures and Interact with More People 

As soon as you settle in the country, the first thing to do is interact with many people. UK has an incredible combination of people from various nationalities, hence, you will get to see various cultures closely as a part of your student life in UK. Cosmopolitan cities like London, Edinburgh and Glasgow, are the hubs of international students and a perfect place to connect with various other students. Also, universities conduct special events like fresher weeks or weekends through which you can interact with your batch mates and seniors. 

The University of Bristol was established with generous help from a chocolate factory! 

Find your Preferred Transport 

Finding the right transportation is a common query for every student. There are various options for students to make their daily commute in the UK like buses, cabs, trains, cycles, etc. Being a student, you would majorly be travelling to and fro between the university and the apartment. If you have opted to stay near the university, you can opt to travel by bicycle. For those who have a rented place in the outskirts or far from the university, it is advisable to get a student bus pass issued as public transport is cheaper in the UK for students. Along with this, for sightseeing, there are special double-decker buses via which you can enjoy the scenic view. 

Along with faculty and students, the University of York houses cute little winged members. You will find around 14 ducks in every quarter of an acre of land.

Find a Perfect Home-Away-From-Home 

Finding the right place to stay can be a real challenge for your student life in UK. The UK is known to be a friendly country and welcomes tonnes of Indian students every year. Hence, it is easier for you to find accommodation in such a friendly country. As per your budget and university location, you can select your preferred accommodation such as Hostels, Community Halls, International Student Houses, Apartments, PGs, etc. To experience a homely environment during your student life in UK, there are many registered families with which you can stay as a part of the student exchange program.

All set to join the University of Oxford? We wish you luck for the oath ceremony of Bodleian Library. 

Food and Entertainment  

Another aspect of happy student life in UK is the extracurricular activities. As UK is one of the most preferred choices for overseas education, it is observed that students experience comparatively lesser cultural shock as compared to other countries. With Indian communities living in every nook and corner, you can easily find Indian eateries and food joints. You will also get to see Bollywood movies in the UK as many theatres specifically put up Indian movies. Apart from this you can enjoy the street theatre at the university or can even take part in it.

The prestigious University College of London was the first institution to allow male and female students to be a part of the same campus. 

Recreational Activities and Sports 

While studying in UK, you will definitely come across some of the other events happening around. Universities in the UK are focused on organising timely cultural fests and fairs, through which students can rejuvenate and then concentrate better on their goals. To pump up your student life in UK, you must attend events like concerts, plays, music festivals and recreational fairs. Along with this, you must definitely take out some time to take up sports at the university. If you have prior experience in a sport, then you can even become a valuable part of the university team and compete at a global level.

The University of Edinburgh boasts the UK’s oldest student newspaper established in 1887 by Robert Louis Stephenson. 

Assistance For Specially Abled

Various countries provide financial aid to international students with special and unique abilities but the UK strives to beat the rest by proving the best learning or living experience to the special ones. For dyslexic students, there are special learning schools within the university that help them learn at their own pace. In various universities, there are braille texts, text-to-speech technology as well as various other useful software as per the individual’s need along with professional and supportive faculty. 

Cost of Living in UK for International Students

While the cost of living anywhere in the world depends on your personal choices, the cost of living in UK is calculated in the city you reside in. it is difficult to come to an absolute value of the cost which will be spent, but we can arrive at an estimated living cost. It is tabulated below.

Kind of Expense Cost in GBP and INR
Fees for Visa Application 348 GBP (INR 31,000)
Housing  500 GBP (INR 45,000) monthly
Transportation  150-200 GBP (INR 13,000 to INR 18,000) monthly
Food 150-200 GBP (INR 13,000 to INR 18,000) monthly
Clothing and Leisure 50 GBP (INR 4,000) monthly
Telephone and Mobile  50 GBP (INR 4,000) monthly

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Student Life in London UK

London should be at the top of your list if you are considering where to begin your study abroad trip. Ranked as the best student city by QS 2021, London offers a vibrant and diverse community for international students to explore and enjoy! As one of the most attractive cities in the United Kingdom, London offers exciting adventures like beautiful world heritage sites, pubs, museums and more. Living in London as a student means you can interact with people from all walks of life and build great global networks. To know more check out our blog on 6 Things to Know About Student Life in London.


What is the living cost in UK for a student?

On average, the living cost in UK will range between INR 30,000- 50,000.

Is UK safe for international students?

The UK is one of the safest study destinations for international students.

How many students can earn in UK?

International students can work 20 hours a week and earn up to 11,500.

Is student life good in UK?

From education facilities to leisure activities, UK is the best package for every student planning to study abroad.

Can I settle in UK after study?

Students have 1-2 years after graduation to find jobs in UK

Can I buy a house in UK while on student visa?

Yes, students above the age can have mortgages.

Thus, we hope that we have helped you with some key points that will definitely contribute to your student life in the UK through this blog. Already dreaming about how your life will be in UK? Get in touch with our experts at Leverage Edu and get assistance to land at a top-level university in UK. 

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