Study Abroad in Australia: Melbourne Orientation witnessed a record number of students 

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Study Abroad in Australia: Melbourne Orientation witnessed a record number of students
Both domestic students from Victoria and other parts of Australia and international students have returned to the University of Melbourne to join the festivals of Melbourne Orientation.

Students from different parts of Australia as well as international students from numerous corners of the world have returned to the campus of the prestigious University of Melbourne to attend the Melbourne Orientation week.


Professor Nicola Philips stated that the university is super proud to welcome both the international and domestic students back to the campuses. The student activities from the Melbourne Orientation week include music performances, campus tours, sporting carnivals, ceremonies, campus, tours, and picnics. These activities will help them start their time at the university more fruitfully. 

Professor Philips also stated that more than 50,000 students will join the Melbourne Orientation festivities, including students from different parts of the world. International students consist of 40% of the total student population, and they represent more than 150 countries. 

Melbourne Orientation

The students will be able to participate in more than 220 events this week and the Discover UniMeb program will boost the overall atmosphere of the orientation. Nowadays, more students are looking for chances to take admitted to the University of Melbourne. Not to mention, a record number of UG domestic and international students have also chosen the University of Melbourne for their higher education purposes. 

How the Melbourne Orientation Can Help the Students?

Knowing that domestic and international students are choosing the University of Melbourne to pursue their higher education, this is a great way to start a new journey in 2023. The University will also celebrate the completion of a 229 million-dollar investment in the infrastructure and student facility. 

This specific development is a massive investment for the university to complete the Parkville campus, which will be available from semester one. International students are one of the most essential parts of the University of Melbourne. This is why the university will take extra measurements for them. 

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