Study Abroad in Europe: Number of Foreign Schools Raised by 32.3% 

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Foreign schools
The number of foreign schools is increasing in Europe because families are able to afford private education.

A recent study by educational consultants ISC Research found that enrollment at foreign schools in Europe has increased by 23%. This data corresponds to the past ten years. Foreign schools in Europe have 598,400 pupils enrolled as of 2018. In January 2023, it increased by 4% to 621,200. This pattern represents the “flourishing” of international schools around the world. Over the past ten years, there have been a total of 13,190 foreign schools established worldwide. And also an increase of more than 50% in foreign schools. Foreign schools now have 6.5 million pupils registered in them.

Foreign Schools

The study “Why Foreign Schools Keep Opening” examines the macro- and micro-environmental elements. This affects the expansion of the foreign school market. It looks at rules set by the government as well as smaller-scale elements like competitiveness and parental or student requirements. “Schools aren’t just for academically gifted pupils in terms of aptitude. Although some schools may have a specific selection procedure. Even the schools should also seek pupils with a wide range of academic backgrounds and neurodiversity.

Why are More Families Selecting Foreign Schools in Europe? 

ISC’s field research indicates that a number of reasons are responsible for the expansion of international schools throughout Europe.  The region is accepting more immigrants from China, Russia, and Ukraine.  Less local families choose these international schools over neighborhood public schools in Asia. The survey stated that “local parents in many European countries believe national education standards adequate enough to satisfy their educational choices, together with a view that decent education is a government provision.” Also, there is “a considerable demand” for “elite” international boarding schools from extremely affluent Chinese and Russian families.

More families are able to afford private education now. There is a higher desire to attend universities overseas. This is because the colleges focus on the need for good credentials. Also, employers around the world contribute to the increased demand for such schools globally.

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