Mediation Courses in Ireland for International Students: List of Courses, Duration and Average Tuition Fees

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Mediation has become a crucial skill in today’s world, offering a valuable pathway to conflict resolution and harmonious interaction. If you wish to learn how to resolve conflicts peacefully and effectively, then you might want to consider studying mediation courses in Ireland. So dive into this blog to learn more about this field, including the types of courses offered, their duration, tuition fees, and career scope. Let’s get started!

Why Study Mediation Courses in Ireland?

So why should international students consider enrolling in Mediation courses in Ireland? With several top-ranking universities in the world on its land, Ireland offers internationally accredited mediation training programs. They ensure your qualifications are recognized and respected worldwide. Irish mediation courses go beyond theory, providing extensive practical training and role-playing opportunities to equip you with necessary conflict resolution skills.

Ireland also has a growing demand for skilled mediators in fields like family law, business, and community as a conflict resolution tool. Besides, the country’s diverse student population allows you to learn from and network with peers from varied backgrounds and perspectives.

List of Mediation Courses in Ireland

Here’s a list of the Mediation courses in Ireland available for international students:

  1. Certified Mediation Training Programme
  2. Certificate in Mediation
  3. Internationally Accredited Commercial Mediation Training
  4. Conflict and Dispute Resolution Studies (PG.Diploma) 

Certified Mediation Training Programme

Offered in Dublin, this 60-hour program leads to “Member” status with the Mediators’ Institute of Ireland (MII). It covers the core principles of mediation and equips participants with the skills to manage workplace and organizational disputes.

Offered byInstitute of Public Administration (IPA)
Duration60 hours
Tuition Fee€2,500

Certificate in Mediation – 

This part-time program in Dublin equips individuals with the knowledge and skills to become confident and effective mediators. The program sits on the National Framework of Qualifications and is internationally recognized.

Offered byGriffith College
Duration12 weeks
Tuition Fee€2,750

Internationally Accredited Commercial Mediation Training

This intensive 5-day workshop in Dublin is for individuals interested in specializing in commercial mediation. It offers accreditation from both the International Mediation Institute (IMI) and the UK Civil Mediation Council (CMC).

Offered byMediator Academy
Duration5 days
Tuition Fee€2,950

Conflict and Dispute Resolution Studies (PG Diploma)

This postgraduate program offers a comprehensive study of conflict resolution theories and practices, including mediation. Successful completion allows graduates to apply for Certified Mediation status with the Mediators’ Institute of Ireland.

Offered byTrinity College Dublin
Duration1 year – part-time or full-time
Tuition Fee€5,600 (full-time), €2,800 (part-time)

Career Scope

Graduates from mediation courses in Ireland can pursue rewarding careers in various sectors, including private practice, workplace mediation, community mediation and public services. Here’s a list of some popular job profiles and their salaries that graduates in this field can expect:

Job ProfileAnnual Salary
Mediator€50,000 – €80,000
HR Conflict Resolution Specialist€45,000 – €65,000
Community Mediator€35,000 – €50,000
Public Service Mediator€40,000 – €60,000
Arbitrator€50,000 – €80,000 
Negotiator€45,000 – €70,000
Facilitator €35,000 – €55,000 
Consultant €50,000 – €90,000
Trainer €40,000 – €65,000
Coach €45,000 – €75,000
Lawyer€60,000 – €100,000 
Manager€50,000 – €85,000
Educator€40,000 – €70,000
Social Worker€35,000 – €60,000


Q1. What are the benefits of taking mediation courses in Ireland?

Ans: Mediation courses in Ireland can help you develop skills in conflict resolution, communication, negotiation, and intercultural understanding. You can also learn from experienced mediators and trainers, and gain exposure to different mediation models and practices.

Q2. What are the requirements for international students to enrol in mediation courses in Ireland?

Ans: Students generally need to have a good command of English, a relevant academic background or work experience, and a genuine interest in mediation. They may also need to provide proof of your identity, visa status, and health insurance.

Q3. How much do mediation courses in Ireland cost?

Ans: Depending on the duration, intensity, and accreditation of the course, you can expect to pay between €500 and €3000 for a mediation course in Ireland, excluding travel and accommodation expenses.  Some courses may also be subsidized by the government or funded by grants 

Q4. How can I find and apply for mediation courses in Ireland?

Ans: You can search for mediation courses in Ireland on various online platforms, such as Mediators Institute of Ireland, Irish School of Mediation, or Mediation Foundation of Ireland. You can also contact the course providers directly and inquire about their application process and deadlines. 
As for the application process, you may need to fill out an online or paper application form, submit a CV and a personal statement, and attend an interview or an assessment.

We hope that this blog gave you all the information regarding the Mediation courses in Ireland. Stay tuned to Leverage Edu for more updates on courses to study abroad. Thank you for reading!

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