Days in French: How to Pronounce Days of the Week?

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days in french with pronunciation

Are you curious about what the days in French sound like? After all, it will help to know their French pronunciation whenever you feel like cursing out Mondays or celebrating Fridays during your stay in France! In this blog, we’ll unravel the mysteries of “lundi” to “dimanche” and guide you through the pronunciation of each day, with tips and tricks to sound like a true francophone. So grab a croissant, settle in, and get ready to conquer those French weekdays and weekends! Ready, set, lingo!


How to Spell and Pronounce Days in French?

The table below shows how to spell and pronounce days. Please make sure you articulate each syllable equally using a clear voice. You can also refer to the tutorial at the end of this section to grasp the pronunciation clearly:

English WordFrench WordPronunciation
Thursdayjeudijeuh-dee (j here is like the g in beige)
Source: Julien Miquel

All 7 Days in French (with Their Origins)

Now that you know how to recognise and pronounce days in French, let’s discuss each of them one by one. This will help you remember them better. 


In English, Monday comes from the German word for Moon. Similarly, the French word lundi comes from the French word for Moon, which is “lune”. 


In French, Tuesday is named after our nearest planet and the Roman god of Mars “mardi.


Wednesday in French, mercredi, comes from the planet Mercury. 


Continuing along the planetary theme, Thursday-jeudi comes from the 5th planet from the sun and the Roman god of thunder “Jupiter”. 


Friday in French, vendredi, is named after Venus, which is our neighbour and closer to Sun than us. 


While Saturday in English is named after Saturn, its French word samedi comes from the Latin for the day of the Sabbath (day of rest). 


Just like in English, Sunday in French (dimanche) means the Lord’s Day. 

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Days in French Quiz: Check Your Knowledge 

Check your knowledge of days in French by answering the following questions. 

Q1 – True or False: The word samedi is named after the planet Saturn.

Q2 – Fill in the Blank: In French, Tuesday is named after the planet _________.

Q3 – Match the following French weekdays with their correct counterparts in English:

a) Monday1. mardi
b) Tuesday2. vendredi
c) Friday3. samedi
d) Saturday4. lundi

Q4 – True or False: Just like in English, Sunday in French (dimanche) means Lord’s Day. 

Answers: A1 – False, A2 – Mars, A3 – a): 4; b): 1; c): 2; d) 3, A4 – True

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Q.1 What are the names of weekdays in French?

Answer: Here are the days of the week in French:
1. Monday-lundi
2. Tuesday-mardi
3. Wednesday-mercredi
4. Thursday-jeudi
5. Friday-vendredi
6. Saturday-samedi
7. Sunday-dimanche

Q.2 How to speak French fluently?

Answer: You can speak the language fluently by familiarising yourself with common French vocabulary, understand pronunciation, and try talking to native French speakers.

Q.3 What is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 in French?

Answer: The numbers in French language from 0-10 are: zéro, un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq, six, sept, huit, neuf and dix.

So this was all about the days in French and their pronunciation. Explore Leverage Edu’s study abroad resources for more educative blogs on the French language daily. Ready, set, lingo!

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