Is GMAT Required for an MBA? 

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Is GMAT Required for an MBA? 

Is GMAT Required for an MBA? MBA has emerged as one of the most sought-after career paths in recent years. GMAT is one of the major exams that must be undertaken to pursue MBA courses abroad. Aspirants who wish to pursue higher education in the field of management, and especially wish to do an MBA are required to sit for this standardised exam. Individuals who are able to secure the minimum eligible GMAT scores will be provided admission into their preferred business institutions.  


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Is the GMAT Score Mandatory for MBA Admissions?

GMAT scores are considered to be one of the foremost requisites for admission into MBA programmes by the majority of business schools around the globe. However, there are certain scenarios or situations in which a candidate can pursue an MBA from a reputable university abroad without taking the GMAT exam. 

Why Should One Take The GMAT Exam? 

Good GMAT scores bolster one’s chances of being accepted into MBA programmes at leading business institutions in India and throughout the world. Given the test is widely acknowledged around the world, most universities require candidates to submit their GMAT scores at the time of application. GMAT scores provide candidates with an equal opportunity to demonstrate their aptitude and proficiency, paving the door for them to pursue their dream of studying at the world’s greatest MBA institutions. Here are some of the top reasons why one must undertake the GMAT Exam.  

  1. GMAT Scores are used for the evaluation of one’s competence and academic prowess in the domain of management and administration in most organisations and companies around the globe. In other words, candidates holding higher GMAT scores will be more likely to get hired compared to someone who holds a lower score. 
  2. Business schools across the globe assess an individual’s likelihood to thrive in the domain of business management by going through their GMAT scores. Preparing for the GMAT exam will also give students a rough idea about what to expect to learn in their  MBA curriculum. 
  3. GMAT exams can be undertaken five times at max. This gives enough flexibility to students to improve on their shortcomings and acquire better scores in the upcoming attempts. Apart from that, candidates can take the GMAT online exam once every 16 days. One can even apply for retakes accordingly. 
  4. The validity period of GMAT scores lasts up to five years. This gives enough time for students to apply to their desired institutions and companies. However, it is critical for one to verify the admissions deadline of their desired institutions prior to submitting their GMAT scores. 

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Top MBA Colleges in the World that Accept GMAT Scores

GMAT scores are accepted by the majority of the world’s leading business schools. Apart from qualifying GMAT scores, GMAT-accepting universities around the globe demand candidates to have a minimum experience in the professional domain. As a result, GMAT candidates are more qualified and experienced than typical prospects. That being said, there is a multitude of institutions in the world that accept GMAT scores. Here is a list of top colleges abroad that accept GMAT scores. 

Name Of Institution Average GMAT Score 
Stanford GSB733 
Chicago Booth 726
Harvard Business School 725
Yale SOM721


Is the GMAT required for MBA programmes in the United States?

Although it is not required for applicants to obtain GMAT scores in order to be admitted to US-based business schools, it is still recommended that they do so because it is the most widely accepted MBA exam in the world and can pave a lucrative career path for many in the business of management. 

Can GMAT be waived for an MBA?

There are certain institutions in the world that do not require one to sit for the GMAT Exam. Moreover, one can request such exemptions at the discretion of admission officers who evaluate each GMAT/GRE waiver request letter.  

Is the GMAT exam tough?

The GMAT exam is considered to be quite challenging by some. Therefore, it is critical for one to prepare well for the exam. The average GMAT score is 574.51 out of 800. The difficulty level of the exam lies on the spectrum of easy to moderate. 

The GMAT exam is a standardised exam conducted to assess one’s aptitude and cognitive prowess in the domain of business management. Those who wish to pursue an MBA from the top business schools in the world and India must sit for the GMAT exam, as the said test is one of the most widely accepted exams across the globe. For further details on the GMAT exam, check out the Leverage Edu Page. 

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