Study Abroad: International Students Moving to the United States to Acclimate New Social Link

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It is important to have personal wellness, diversity, inclusion, safety resources, financial wellness and career services to maintain good culture and lifestyle.

Starting a new journey may provide daunting challenges but if we are provided with good amenities and comfort it will be easy for any student to deal with and overcome that stress. Penn State International Students have encountered to move out to the United States to experience new social life. It has been observed that some students have experienced stereotyping and racism in California. 


The goal is to make sure, students are welcomed in a new country and making them comfortable in the new environment and culture. Henceforth, serving as a bridge between two different cultures.

Moreover, students have confronted while living in California they have faced cultural differences in things like hang-out locations, cafes, and restaurants had a different culture. While the United States provide more opportunities in term of career even the culture there is quite different and has a different type of vibe. For the new social link and exploring life in other countries, students want to actually go there and see how they live. While if we see people might face some difficulties and even struggled to adjust to a new environment while moving out from their home country. 

Study Abroad: International Students Moving to the United States to Acclimate New Social Link.

On the other hand, talking about some differences people have faced if they were not able to speak English fluently they have actually judged for that and even American students expected them to have some knowledge of the language and even they treated her differently somehow. Also, there was stereotyping maintained by professors, they gave low grades to students who deserved better and didn’t help them to understand the lessons and somehow it was inferred by students themselves that living in some other country it’s hard to deal with the language barrier

The main comparison was made when students mentioned their open-mindedness did not actually let us out of our comfort zone but rather it was like putting an effort to reach out to other people from diversified and demographic backgrounds. Click here to know more about how students dealt with it 

Furthermore, students expressed that their experiences improved when they moved and enrolled at Penn State University. After enrolling there things completely changed they were involved in various clubs, and organizations, and got more involved with open-minded people who had different perspectives on the outside world. Students found it to be beneficial they found it new to interact with people from different cultures and backgrounds and experience that new life. So, basically, it was efficient for them to have that social link.

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