Stereotypes about Study Abroad

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Numerous misconceptions exist around studying abroad. While some people believe that only those with privilege have the chance to study abroad, others believe that it is simply luck or having enough money that enables someone to take this extraordinary journey. In this blog post, let’s examine a few common myths surrounding study abroad.

Let’s take a look at 5 stereotypes about Study Abroad;

You’ll never experience a bad day. 

Being stuck and occasionally missing home is quite normal. You can also experience a horrible day. However, a single unpleasant experience does not necessarily indicate that your study abroad experience was a complete loss of time and money. Keep in mind that you are in a foreign nation and are surrounded by individuals from a different culture, language, and cuisine. You will undoubtedly require a few weeks or perhaps months to settle in a new place, so mentally prepare yourself that moving abroad for studies is always a bittersweet experience. The idea that you’ll never have a terrible day is untrue.

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Only Rich People go to Study abroad

This is the biggest lie you have ever been told. Not all wealthy people are accepted to foreign colleges. Admissions officers are constantly drawn to profiles. Financial considerations are important, without a doubt, but they are not the only ones that determine whether you get into a university. Getting accepted depends on a variety of things. Even though many people must raise money before traveling abroad, there are frequently other obstacles besides just the cost of your whole trip.

It is Exactly What You See Online

Many people share their experiences and describe what it’s like to attend some of the most prominent colleges in the wealth of content available online. But hold on! Do not let an internet or other social media platform’s portrayal of you convince you to change your mind. You must have a far more sophisticated understanding of the fact that every person has a different set of difficulties, preferences, and international experiences. Things that everyone else may find to be cool and completely normal for them may not be the same for you. The actual world and the world you encounter on social media are very different.

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Study Abroad Means to Travel or Party Abroad

The largest misconception is that those who study abroad merely lounge about and go out to parties. Even worse, some individuals believe that studying abroad is just a “vacation” or an opportunity for young people to party nonstop. This is not the case, though. While it’s true that many students initially become enthused by the new culture, way of life, people, freedom, and other things, they eventually come to realize just how much time, money, and effort they invested in order to enroll at an international university. A balanced mix of enjoyment and education, socializing and studying, will make for the ultimate study abroad experience

Making Friends is too hard

It is true that some people find it challenging and time-consuming to make acquaintances in an international setting. In fact, some people will only interact with people from their home nation. While maintaining relationships with and getting along with students from your own country is a wise idea, becoming friends with locals is essential while studying abroad. It’s crucial to make friends since they can help you acclimate to the new educational system, language, and culture. To appreciate different cultures, respect other languages, foods, and religions, you must have an open mindset.

After reading this blog, we hope that many of your misconceptions have been addressed and that you have begun to consider studying abroad. Get in touch with our professionals at Leverage Edu to start your journey.

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