Study Abroad in UK: New Expert Panel to Suggest Better UK Visa for International Students

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International students
Implementation of New Education Strategy 2.0 made up of competitive visa offers and higher education destinations for international students.

A new commission in the education sector has been launched in the UK to indulge a new educational strategy. The International Higher Education Commission (IHEC), plans to curtail the post-study work visa and other preventive measures to crack down on student migration statistics for International students.

Additionally, the focus of launching this new commission will be to highlight International students in the UK economy and further to make recommendations for the new “International Education Strategy 2.0” which is made up of competitive visa offers and many other higher education destinations worldwide. 

international students

Moreover, as far as UK and India are concerned, the two countries agree on developing a futuristic partnership that will focus on the country’s requirements and strengths as equal partners. 

Let’s take a look at an example of the UK: there is a major challenge in finding skilled manpower from healthcare to hospitality. With an enhanced immigration regime, students who have completed their studies in the UK can create better opportunities in the UK to find meaningful career opportunities.

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As per the research, and experiences with Indian students, a majority of Indian students want to stay in the UK and gain exposure and experience after completion of their studies to make sure they are satisfied with two-way benefits. After providing simplified education to employ Indian students who have studied in the UK, the country can build the skill gap easily. Indian students after returning to their home country would contribute by indulging in global test practices. 

International Students moving to UK for Studies

Furthermore, approximately 1,20,000 Indian students were granted study visas in the last academic year intake. Since the graduate route was introduced, there was a hike in the number of Indian students who wanted to study in the UK. 

Moreover, the implementation of a new education strategy should provide a sustainable approach to International students and should deliver the best possible results for every student. 

It’s high time to accept the fact that International students are not the problem but part of the solution for future UK success. 

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