Study Abroad in Australia: Beginning in July, an Extension of the Post-Study Work Visa

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Revised Cap on work visa for International Students Applying for Education in Australia, Increase of 8 hours per fortnight.

Surprisingly, Australia is ready to increase the cap on working hours for International Students having a work visa. Thrilled to share this news with International students, it will come into effect from 1st July. The working hours for International students will be increased from 40 hours to 48 hours per fortnight. Approximately, 1,00,009 Indian students are applying to Australian Universities.

work visa

Additionally, International students can support themselves financially, while keeping their studies as their primary purpose. Moreover, students staying in Australia and pursuing their education, contribute to the Australian economy and benefit them. Moreover, after a lost decade on immigration and skills, the Australian government took a great step. Australian Government figured out ways to utilize their skilled immigrants by adding enhanced training, and better-targeted programs while reducing exploitative programs for temporary visas for students and workers. 

Furthermore, during the pandemic study work Visa restrictions were relaxed and also were completely removed in January 2022. This was done to allow primary and secondary visa holders to work over their national limit of 40 hours per fortnight. As a result, the shortages in the workforce were addressed. 

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Whenever International students are planning to begin their studies in Australia, a revised cap will be applied and all the things as per the current cap will be removed on June 30. Moreover, the allowable work hours as per the revised cap for International students along with the extension of a 2-year work visa will begin on July 1, 2023.

Moreover, an extension will be provided to international higher education graduates with additional 2 years on Temporary Graduate Visa. These post-study work visa rights are eligible for students who work live and study in regional areas.

Including some of the post-study work rights, the government also announced this 2-year post-work extension visa is available for International students with selected degrees in areas of verified skill shortage.

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