Study Abroad: Canada to Change Methodology for Counting International Students and Workers

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Study Abroad: Canada to Change Methodology for Counting International Students and Workers

Starting next month, Canada is going to change the methodology for counting the people who are in the country temporarily. It includes international students and temporary foreign workers. The updated counting methodology is likely to have a positive impact on international students in Canada. It will ensure their accurate representation, improving services and support and potentially leading to more favourable policies. Additionally, a more inclusive and diverse educational environment.


This decision comes after a recent report suggested that the current way of counting may have missed more than a million people. According to Statistics Canada, they will use a new method starting on September 27, 2023, to count these temporary residents. They will also go back and check the numbers for 2021.

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Here’s why this matters to International Students 

The change in how Canada counts international students can have several positive effects:

1. Accurate Representation: The revised counting methodology will provide a more accurate representation of the actual number of international students in Canada. This means that the contributions and needs of international students will be better understood. Also a scope for allowing for more effective policy and resource allocation.

2. Improved Services: With a more precise count of international students, Canadian institutions and authorities can better tailor their services to meet the specific needs of this group. This may include enhanced support services, better access to healthcare, and improved housing options.

3. Increased Recognition: A more accurate count acknowledges the significant presence of international students in Canada. This recognition can lead to a more welcoming environment for international students. Additionally, it fosters a sense of belonging and encourages more students to choose Canada for their education.

4. Policy Adjustments: The government can use the revised data to make informed decisions about immigration policies and student visa regulations. This could lead to more favorable policies for international students, such as simplified visa processes or extended post-graduation work permits, making Canada even more attractive as a study destination.

5. Economic Impact: International students contribute significantly to the Canadian economy through tuition fees, living expenses, and potential future contributions as skilled immigrants. A more accurate count may highlight the economic importance of international students, potentially leading to policies that further support their presence.

6. Diversity and Cultural Exchange: A more accurate count of international students can promote diversity on Canadian campuses, enriching the educational experience for both domestic and international students. This diversity can facilitate cultural exchange, broaden perspectives, and promote global understanding.

Study Abroad: Canada to Change Methodology for Counting International Students and Workers

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Canada’s Immigration Minister, Marc Miller, says that even though the population is growing, they won’t reduce the number of new permanent residents they plan to welcome by 2025, which is 500,000. Canada is also getting ready to welcome a record number of international students this year, around 900,000. This is nearly three times more than what they accepted ten years ago.

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