IELTS Speaking Topics: Describe a town or city where you would like to live in the future.

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Describe a town or city where you would like to live in the future.

Q- Describe a town or city where you would like to live in the future

Ans: Shillong is the city where I would like to live in the future. This capital city of Meghalaya is not only close to my heart but also is the ideal place for me to live during my dotage. Shillong, commonly referred to as the ‘Scotland of East’, looks like something straight out of fairy tales.

 If you often get ecstatic while stargazing or are a huge fan of pristine, limitless skies with coruscating colours sprinkled all over them like a magnificent art piece, then Shillong is the place for you. That was my first impression of the place. Simply put, Shillong struck me as ethereal at first. I had never witnessed such riveting beauty of a place before. That day I got to realise why the name ‘Scotland of the East’ has been attributed to the capital of Meghalaya. Although one cannot remain stoic after witnessing the picturesque natural beauty of this city, Shillong does have much to offer than just green fields, misty mountains, gorgeous vistas, and fragrant flowers. This is why I wish to make Shillong my abode of solace in future.

Leaving aside the tranquil and pristine ambience of Shillong, there are a few things that align with my preferences and liking, making it the ideal place for me to stay in the future. The first and foremost advantage of living in Shillong, in my opinion, is the perfect amalgamation and harmony of diverse cultures and sects of society that coexist with each other without interfering with each other’s beliefs. People of all ethnicities, from the Garo to the Khasi, co-exist in unity and tranquillity. Harmony, in my opinion, is one of the most important characteristics of a healthy community and environment. This is where Shillong as a city really shines. Furthermore, one can engage with people from various faiths and learn more about their culture and beliefs, which can broaden your views and help you see the world from a fresh perspective. 

Additionally, the food in Shillong is something to die for. If you are a foodie, the city’s local cuisine will definitely make your heart skip a beat. When I grow old, my dream is to set up a small, cosy cottage in the upper hills of Shillong and indulge in daily excursions to the local joints in the main city to enjoy their scrumptious food every day.  Due to its culture of embracing and empowering artists to express their talents in both the city’s underbelly and exquisite art museums, the city is a sanctuary for art lovers. This practice of instilling the habit of respecting and appreciating exquisite artwork has produced a plethora of artists throughout the years. As I have a keen eye for good art pieces, Shillong is surely the dream destination for me. 

Lastly, I think the most underlined or understated element of living in Shillong, is its winters. The winters in Shillong get as romantic as they are shown in movies. Just a small walk from your place to the main market during the winter season will feel otherworldly. During winters, Shillong surely becomes a character of its own. It becomes swarmed with lively faces, festivities, cultural events, and so on. The ‘Scotland of the East’ is definitely the place for me as I am already a sucker for winters. That being said, if there is anywhere on earth I wish to spend my remaining years, it has to be Shillong. 

Important Vocabulary Words with Their Meanings

  • Dotage- Old Age 
  • Coruscating Colours- Sparkling, Dazzling 
  • Ethereal- Elegant 
  • Riveting beauty- Beauty that is enthralling and intriguing
  • Picturesque- Attractive
  • Scrumptious- Delectable
  • Otherworldly- Dreamy
  • Swarmed-Flocked

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