IELTS Daily Speaking Topic – Speaking Part 3: Gifts (Follow-up Discussion)

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IELTS Daily Speaking Topic - Speaking Part 3: Gifts (Follow-up Discussion)

Discussion Topics

  1. Cultural Significance of Gifts
  2. Personal Experiences with Gifts
  3. Gifts vs. Acts of Kindness

Follow-up questions

1. Cultural Significance of Gifts

Q.1. How does the practice of gift-giving vary across different cultures?

Ans. Gift-giving is a universal practice, but the way it is carried out can vary greatly across cultures. In some cultures like Japan, gift-giving is deeply ingrained in their social fabric and is seen as a way to express respect and gratitude. The gifts are often wrapped meticulously and presentation is also very important. For example one of my friends is from Japan and one thing I noticed in him is that wherever he goes, he brings back souvenirs or ‘omiyage’ from their travels to share with friends and colleagues. 


Q.2. Can you discuss a specific cultural event where gift-giving plays a significant role?

Ans. One of the cultural events is Diwali, the festival of lights that is celebrated by millions of Hindus, Sikhs and Jains around the world. In this festival, it is customary to exchange gifts, particularly sweets and dry fruits, with family, friends and business associates. The act of giving gifts on Diwali is to strengthen bonds, show love and appreciation, and wish prosperity. I vividly remember a Diwali celebration at my relatives’ house, where I was deeply touched by the heartfelt exchange of gifts. From beautifully wrapped sweets to carefully chosen clothing, each gift conveyed a sense of thoughtfulness and affection, enriching the spirit of the festivities.

2. Personal Experiences with Gifts

Q.1. Can you recall a memorable gift that you have received? Why was it special?

Ans. One of the most cherished gifts I’ve ever received holds a special place in my heart—a hand-drawn portrait from a dear friend. It wasn’t just a present; it embodied their time, effort, and genuine thoughtfulness. This portrait was a masterpiece crafted from a beautiful photograph taken during one of our shared adventures. Whenever I gaze upon it, a flood of fond memories rushes in—memories of our friendship and the countless joyful moments we’ve shared. It’s more than just a gift; it’s a priceless token filled with emotional meaning, utterly irreplaceable in its significance and worth.

Q.2.  Have you ever experienced difficulty in choosing a gift for someone? Can you share that experience?

Ans. Yes, I have experienced difficulty in choosing a gift for one of my friends who seemed to have everything. It was her birthday, and I wanted to give her something unique and meaningful. I spent hours browsing online and visiting various stores but nothing seemed quite right. Eventually, I decided to create a personalized gift for her. I compiled a photo album that had pictures from our years of friendship and wrote a little note about the memories associated with that photo. Although it took time and effort, witnessing her joyful reaction upon receiving it made every moment worthwhile.

3. Gifts vs. Acts of Kindness

Q.1. Can you share an instance where an act of kindness meant more to you than a gift?

Ans. Yes, I remember one time while I was preparing a major presentation at work, I was feeling overwhelmed and stressed. One of my colleagues noticed this and extended a helping hand. She spent hours with me, helping me refine my presentation and even conducted a mock presentation to help me practice. Her selfless act of kindness, her unwavering support, and the significant investment of her time and effort meant more to me than any tangible gift ever could. Not only did her assistance contribute to the success of my presentation, but it also deepened our bond of friendship, leaving a lasting impression of gratitude and appreciation.

Q.2. In your opinion, do acts of kindness create a stronger emotional connection than gifts?

Ans. In my opinion, acts of kindness create stronger emotional connections than material gifts. While gifts are nice gestures, acts of kindness involve personal effort, time, or sacrifice, making them more meaningful. For instance, when my colleague helped me with my presentation, it meant a lot to me. It showed she truly cared about my success, going beyond just professional assistance. This bond we formed through genuine support is something that a physical gift might not be able to express as deeply.

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