How To Find Accommodation For Studying Abroad?

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How to Find Accommodation for Studying Abroad?

How to Find Accommodation for Studying Abroad: The feeling of finding the perfect student accommodation for yourself is nothing less than a relief! We all want to stay comfortable, and having all the amenities to feel just like home in the chosen accommodation is a huge sigh of relief. If you are planning to study abroad and now you want to find accommodation for yourself, there is a lot of work still left to do.  


Studying abroad and leaving your family behind is not easy. Students who leave the comforts of their own house behind often wish to find the perfect stay for themselves. In this blog, we will learn some ways and pointers you can use and keep in mind while finding accommodation for yourself.

Tips to Find the Best Accommodation

Here are some of the best tips to find out affordable and comfy accommodation:

Research for Student Accommodation 

The first and foremost step is to find your accommodation online. Look for different websites online and understand what are the costs of the rooms available. Students can also check various groups on social media such as Facebook which often provide valuable information and links. If possible, students can also find the local newspaper of the location and look for room advertisements in that as well.  

Students can also try and get in touch with other students in the same university looking for accommodation on social media handles or platforms such as Leverage Edu’s community. 

Look for University Accommodation 

You can also get in touch with your university advisors who can help you fix your stay. It is also possible that the university may also be able to provide you with hostel accommodation. 

Talking to your university often comes in handy in such situations as some of the universities already possess a  list of student-friendly stays or agents who can fix your stay in the country effortlessly. 

Choose the Location Wisely 

There are a few things in mind before choosing your accommodation. One of the primary factors that students should be mindful of is location. Students need to ensure that they look for accommodation which is close to their university as this will help them save both time and money. 

Students should also try and find accommodations which are easily accessible by public transport so that travel does not become a hassle for the students. Students should also try and choose a place where restaurants, shops and eateries can be found nearby. This will be easy on the days you want to avoid cooking your meals and feel like eating something from outside. 

However, in the event, you find a comfortable place for yourself which is far from your location, make sure you budget your expenses accordingly. 

Safety is Priority 

Students must always give priority to an accommodation which is located in a respectable and safe neighbourhood. Since safety is the priority of students, they should conduct in-depth research on the neighbourhoods they are considering. 

Not only the neighbourhood, but students must also ensure that the accommodation itself is safe. Various accommodations offer 24/7 camera surveillance as well as other security features. 

Adapt & Adjust

You should always be ready to make all the adjustments in the stay you are living in. If there are any restrictions or timing curfews you need to follow, make sure you behave accordingly. Always be polite and respectable to your roomies or any other person who is providing you with a place to settle. 

If you feel restricted in any way, you can always find new accommodation for yourself. But in the first place, try and make adjustments with your fellow mates and learn how to adapt to your environment. 

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Know About the Amenities Available 

When you fix a room for yourself, ask about the services available in the accommodation. If you have chosen university student accommodation, ask about the amenities provided by the campus hostel. 

Some basic amenities are commonly offered by all the accommodations such as Wi-Fi but it is always best to ask ahead.

Look for Room Sharing Accommodations 

Room-sharing student accommodation can be a good option to save money. If you are choosing this make sure you are able to adjust with your roommates since this will be a whole new experience.

However, such an experience can be rewarding as you will be able to meet people from other countries and learn about their culture and language. 

Further, having a roommate is a plus point for most students. Not only do roommates will help you settle in but can also become a source of mental and emotional support for you in the new country. However, such an option is only feasible for students who are willing to make changes in their lives and learn how to adjust to other individuals in an enclosed space. 


Do international students have access to student accommodations? 

If you are fixing your stay in student accommodation provided by the university, make sure you fix your place by giving the deposits to secure your accommodation. 

How can students find accommodation? 

Students can start searching online, join various Facebook groups, book their accommodation provided by the university, etc. 

What type of accommodation is offered to International students? 

There are many options available for international students and they can choose according to their budget. You will have options to choose studios, private rentals, on campus-accommodation, homestays etc. 

In this blog, we have discussed how students can find accommodation when they move to a new country to fulfil their dream of studying abroad. We hope this blog provides candidates with a starting point for beginning their study abroad journey. 

 If you are planning to study abroad in the upcoming intakes, get in touch with our study abroad experts at 1800-57-2000. We will be happy to guide you through your study abroad journey right away! 

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