How Hard is SAT Math: Check Tips for SAT Preparation

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How Hard is SAT Math

SAT full form is the Scholastic Assessment Test. SAT exam is taken by high school students who want to be admission to an undergraduate program abroad. The SAT paper consists of a math section as well. It consists of a total of 58 questions. The section score is between 200-800. Hence, many students might be wondering- How hard is SAT Math exam? Hence, in this blog, we have accessed the difficulty of the SAT mathematics section and provided other details of the mathematics section.


SAT Math Exam Overview 

The SAT Math section consists of 58 questions that assess the conceptual understanding of the candidate, and their ability to apply the same. The examination is divided into 2 subsections as well. That is, the math no-calculator exam, and the mathematics section that can be solved with the help of a calculator. A duration of 60 minutes is provided for the section.

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SAT Math Topics

Some of the main SAT Math topics are provided below.

  • Algebra– A total of 19 questions will be asked from this section. Students have to create equations representing a situation, and then solve those equations, and systems of exponent, polynomials, linear equations, and more.
  • Problem-solving & Data Analysis- Ratios, percentages, proportional reasoning, probability, and other similar 16-17 questions will be asked.
  • Advanced Mathematics- 16 questions will be asked from this section. The problems in this section include topics that are required to pursue higher education in subjects such as economics, and science.  

Additional Topics in SAT Math

There are plenty of additional topics in the SAT math section. For example, geometry, trigonometry, and complex numbers. Around 5-6 questions will be asked from this section. The questions focus primarily on mainly- solving questions from the volume and area of figures, finding sums from the right angles, unit circles, and trigonometry, and solving theorems and definitions related to problems from lines, right triangles, circles, and more.

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Score Calculator for SAT MAT Test

The SAT examination has 2 questions- One question solved with the help of a calculator and the other one without a calculator, The section that allows the usage of a calculator is more complex, and the section that does not allow the use of calculator accesses a candidates ability to solve problems accurately. Overall, the SAT math section is calculated on a scale of 200-800.

How SAT Math is Not Hard?

SAT examination assesses the high school mathematics knowledge of an individual. The examination determines if a student is willing to learn high school mathematics. Hence, the SAT examination can be easy for individuals who have studied mathematics effectively in high school. However, for others, it can be difficult.

SAT Math Difficulty Level

There are some factors that can make the SAT examination difficult. These are as follows:

  • The high school mathematics questions can be asked with a twist. That is, questions that have never been asked in high school can be asked in the SAT exam.
  • SAT Math Questions Can Involve Obscure Concepts- For example, the relationship between trigonometric functions of complementary angles can be asked.
  • Mathematical questions can be asked from different topics. Moreover, the SAT exam is timed. Therefore, it can be difficult to answer the questions.

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Q- Is SAT math easy for Indians?

The SAT mathematics difficulty level depends on the student. Hence, there is no particular answer to this question. The difficulty of the examination depends on the mathematical skills of the student.

Q- What level of math is the SAT?

SAT mathematics questions are of high school level. Questions from Algebra I, Geometry, Pre-Calculus classes, etc are asked.

Q- Is it hard to get 600 on the math SAT?

The difficulty level is moderate. To score 600 or more students need to answer 38 questions correctly. It means students can guess 20 questions and yet score 600 or more marks.

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