SAT Exam UK: List of Top Universities in the UK Accepting SAT Scores

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SAT Exam UK: Most universities in the UK accept SAT scores. Therefore, those who wish to study in the UK must send their SAT scores to their preferred UK Universities. In this article, we have shared a list of some of the top universities in the UK that accept SAT scores, how to send your SAT scores to UK universities and what is a good SAT score in the UK. 

Name of the examSAT 
Duration3 Hours 15 Minutes (without essay)
3 hours 50 Minutes (with essay) 
Score Range 400-1600
Questions 154
Registration Fees $60

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Universities Accepting SAT Exam Scores in the United Kingdom

SAT scores are one of the most important criteria for admission to most universities in the United Kingdom. As a result, if you wish to pursue further education in the UK, whether on a UG or PG level, you must obtain the requisite SAT scores. Here are some of the best universities in the UK that accept SAT scores. 

Name of the University Minimum SAT Score Requirement Top Course
University of Oxford 1470BS Medicine 
The University of Manchester1290BN Adult Nursing 
University of Glasgow1280BN
University of Birmingham 1280LLB
University of Nottingham 1400BS Computer Science 
University of St Andrews1320BS Computer Science 
University of Hull1300B.Ed
University of Salford 1080B.Eng Aircraft Engineering 

How to Send SAT Exam Scores to UK Universities?

Individuals aspiring to study in the UK must send their SAT scores to their preferred university. Refer to the steps outlined below to send your scores to your desired university/college in the UK. 

Option A

You can select and send your university preferences to the authorities prior to taking the test. However, it is to be noted that the option remains valid for 9 days after the commencement of the exam. In this option, you will not have the flexibility to send in your previous SAT scores to authorities. In other words, if your previous SAT scores were better, then you’ll not be able to send them in this case. Your SAT scores will be sent to your selected universities within ten days after the result is published.

Option B

In this option, you can request additional score reports. A certain amount of additional fee is required for additional score reports. You can request such reports if you wish to send SAT scores to more than four universities or colleges.

Option C

This is an online option, wherein you will be required to create an account on College Board’s portal. Refer to the following steps to send your scores online by yourself. 

  1. You must first create a College Board account and log into it. 
  2. After doing so, you must review your dashboard to check the most recent SAT score.
  3. Then, you must select the option of the ‘additional score reports’. 
  4. Choose the university to which you want to send your SAT scores. 
  5. Continue by selecting which SAT score you want to submit to the institution or university.
  6. In the end, pay the required fee to complete the procedure. 

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What is a Good SAT Exam Score for Studying in the UK? 

If you want to study in the United Kingdom, a SAT score of 1200-1400 out of 1600 is considered excellent. A score in this range is regarded as competitive and can get you into some of the most prestigious universities in the UK. 

Tips to Improve SAT Exam Scores for UK 

Clearing an SAT exam can be challenging if you wish to study in some of the most prominent universities in the UK as the exam is quite competitive and acquiring good scores in the exam can be tough. This is why one must give their all in the SAT preparation. Here are some tips to help you prepare for your SAT exam. 

  1. Go through the exam pattern of the SAT exam. Doing so will not only give you a solid idea about the exam’s structure and format but also about the types of questions that may be asked. 
  2. Practice as many sample papers or mock tests as possible. This will increase your confidence in attempting the questions. Not only that, the more you practice sample papers, the better your overall speed and accuracy at solving questions will be. 
  3. Identify your shortcomings while preparing for the exam. This will give you enough chances to rectify the areas where you are lacking.
  4. Refer to books that have been updated with the most recent information. Make certain that the sources you choose are reliable. 


1. What is a good SAT score to get into UK universities? 

Scores ranging between 1200 to 1400 can ensure your admission into some of the most prominent universities in the UK 

2. Do universities in the UK accept SAT scores? 

Yes, most universities in the UK accept SAT scores. Therefore, individuals interested in studying in the UK can definitely send their SAT scores to their selected universities. 

3. What are the top SAT-accepting universities in the UK? 

University of Oxford, The University of Manchester, University of Glasgow, and the University of Birmingham are some of the top SAT accepting universities in the United Kingdom. 

The SAT exam is a standardised test taken by study-abroad students who want to further their studies abroad. Individuals planning to study in the United Kingdom can send their SAT scores to their selected universities, as the majority of academic institutions in the country accept SAT scores. 

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