Most Common Hobbies Vocabulary IELTS

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Most Common Hobbies Vocabulary IELTS

Most Common Hobbies Vocabulary IELTS: Aspiring to ace one of the highly coveted language proficiency tests? Candidates migrating overseas by appearing in the IELTS exam need to prove themselves efficient in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. While appearing for the IELTS speaking test, it becomes inevident to avoid questions on your hobbies and interest. 


To Keep the anxiousness of not being spontaneous while answering well in the speaking section, this blog article has been compiled of more than 20 hobbies vocabulary IELTS which has been frequent in the test for years to help you with a good IELTS score band. 

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25 Most Frequently Asked Hobbies Vocabulary IELTS 

If you are already familiar with the IELTS speaking test pattern and criteria to follow while answering questions related to your hobbies then, you should not forget to check these frequently mentioned hobbies vocabulary of IELTS to get an edge over the proficiency test. 

List of Hobbies Vocabulary
PlayingReadingWatching TVSingingListening Music
TravellingCookingPhotographyPlaying InstrumentsPlaying video games
HikingFishingCollectingWatching sportsKnitting

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Hobbies Vocabulary for IELTS with Example

S.No.Hobbies Vocabulary Example
1.Playing SportsI enjoy playing soccer on the weekends with my friends.
2.Reading BooksReading is my favourite hobby. I like to read novels and biographies.
3.Watching MoviesI love watching movies, especially action and drama.
4.Listening to MusicMusic helps me relax after a long day.
5.TravellingI love to travel and explore new places.
6.CookingI enjoy cooking and trying out new recipes.
7.PhotographyTaking photos is my passion. I love capturing memories.
8.Playing Musical InstrumentsI have been playing the guitar for 5 years now.
9.PaintingPainting is my hobby. I paint landscapes and still life.
10.DancingDancing is a great way to stay fit while having fun.
11.WritingI like to write stories and essays in my free time.
12.YogaYoga helps me relax and stay in shape.
13.GardeningGardening is a peaceful and rewarding hobby.
14.CampingCamping is a great way to escape the city and enjoy nature.
15.HikingHiking is my favourite outdoor activity. I love to explore new
16.FishingI enjoy fishing on the weekends with my family.
17.CollectingI collect stamps from different countries.
18.Playing Board GamesPlaying board games is a fun way to spend time with friends
and family.
19.Watching SportsI love to watch basketball games on TV.
20.KnittingKnitting helps me relax and I can make my own clothes.
21.Playing Video GamesPlaying video games is my favourite way to unwind after a
busy day.
22.JoggingJogging is a great way to stay healthy and clear my mind.


How can I describe hobbies in IELTS?

To describe hobbies in IELTS, students should first start by stating their hobbies and then continue on describing their approach towards the said hobby.

What is some common hobbies vocabulary for IELTS?

Some of the common IELTS vocabulary for hobbies are reading books, riding bikes, learning new languages, singing, playing instruments and so on. 

What is a good score in IELTS?

The IELTS score band ranges from 6 to 9, where a good score starts from 7 and above. While a score band of 9 is considered on an expert level. 

We hope the information mentioned in this blog will help you in improving your  IELTS hobbies vocabulary. Leverage Edu provides excellent online IELTS preparation. All you have to do is get in touch with our experts to start your IELTS preparation. 

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