Study in US: Indian Students are Focusing on STEM-Designated MBA Courses 

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Study Abroad in the US: Indian Students are Focusing on STEM-Designated MBA Courses
More and more Indian students are choosing the USA as their study abroad location to pursue STEM-designated MBA courses

For the past couple of years, engineering students have also started completing MBAs to achieve new heights in their job careers. Thanks to their sharp technical skills, candidates also bag high-paying job offers after completing their MBA. 

Recently, American universities have started offering STEM-designated MBA courses. This is to help the candidates understand more than just the profits and the markets. 

Indian students who had plans to pursue vanilla MBAs. Now more focused on the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) MBA. Not only engineers but also candidates from different academic backgrounds are also choosing STEM-MBA courses. 

Karan Gupta, the international education counsellor. He stated that STEM-designated MBAs from US universities are capturing the attention of numerous Indian students. 

Taya Sapp, director of full-time MBA admissions at Ross School of Business said that more than 85% of students who are pursuing STEM-designated MBA courses. They specialise in management science. 

Study in US: Indian Students are Focusing on STEM-Designated MBA Courses 

Most international students in the USA who are pursuing STEM-designated MBAs are from China and India. The primary objective of making the MBA STEM-designated is to decrease the number of months. That international students need to stay back in the USA for OPT

How STEM-Designated MBA Can Help Indian Students?

With the help of STEM-designated MBA programs, Indian students will be able to receive new knowledge as well as course materials. 

As a result, their technical, cognitive, and other skills that are essential to achieving new heights in their careers will be boosted. In addition, they will also receive job offers with higher packages. 

Unlike MBA graduates who can pursue OPT of 12 months, a STEM-programmed graduate will be able to leverage the benefits of a longer student visa, which will be additional 24 months of OPT. 

The candidates who graduate with STEM-MBA courses will also have higher earning potential than the traditional MBA courses. 

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